Just putting the girls to bed. What a da…

Just putting the girls to bed. What a day it has been! Happy go lucky kids this morning and then this evening a sick little five year old Melody. Fever was up to 106.4 for a bit and she started throwing up. Thank goodness she finally took the Motrin! It took an hour to do but she finally took it and is feeling so much better only a few hours later. She ate some dinner, pizza and drank some water and was happy go lucky again right now on her way up the stairs to brush her teeth before bed! I am hoping to head to bed soon myself!


2 thoughts on “Just putting the girls to bed. What a da…

  1. peterwaffles says:

    Hello and happy xmas to you and yours. Funny thing, your girl is the 4th person i hear gets sick for xmas. yesterday afternoon i just started sneezing like crazy out of thin air. Some other friends also got a cold. I wonder why. Well thanks for sharing and happy holidays to you and yours.

  2. Greta says:

    Thank you Peter. She seems to be on the mend so hopefully she won’t be sick much longer.

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