My life is busy as everyone else’s is busy but I think I put more on myself than I really should and never seem to find a way to slow down and say no or just do stuff for me.  I think about it but yeah, that just never happens.

I over do it most of the time and need to occasionally take a day or two and step back and just relax and do absolutely NOTHING!  The past two days that is exactly what I have done, for me!

I for the most part sew every single day.  Well not always sewing but at least working with fabric in one way or another.  I make my girls hair clips and head bands and dresses and pants and tops galore…their closets are stuffed!  I also sew for others!  So yes I am busy with that but I also have a family of four others to care for as well.  I am super grateful for my dear husband who works his butt off to help keep our family steady and living comfortably.  It isn’t like we haven’t had hard times, we have, like most couples and families but we always, always find a way though.  Money may be tight at times but I always find ways to make it best I can.  But, my children and husband are happy..that makes me happy.

My son is now a man himself..almost 17 years old and just growing up way too fast in my eyes.  I remember being a single mother and caring for him all on my own and the struggle that was but boy we sure made it though ok.  I met my husband and my world grew by leaps and bounds with love.  He loved me but his family also took us both in with open arms.  Zachary and I were never left out of any family functions or just life in general from the start and I can’t thank my in-laws and the rest of the family enough for that.  I love being a part of a large Italian family.  The parties are fantastic!  EVERY SINGLE ONE!  The laughs, love and joy and even the grief are felt and held close to my heart from them all.

Recently we lost the matriarch to the family, my husbands dearest Grandmother Dorothy.  She was always there with a smile on her face and a hug to share.  The family surrounded her with the love that she shared through her life right back during her final days and I know she felt the love in the room with her.  The sweetest woman I knew lost the battle but she left behind lots and lots of people who grew as children to adults and just as people by knowing her.  I feel blessed to have been able to spend the past 12 years of my life knowing her and sharing in the joy of being a part of her family.  Image


You will be greatly missed Dot.  I told the kids that now she is in heaven with her long ago lost husband enjoying a beautiful picnic in a field full of flowers.  That made them smile to know she was truly happy.

So there you have it..just a few of the billions of things running through my head this morning..well afternoon now since I had some computer issues to deal with while writing this.  My brain never turns off…what to sew next, what to cook next, what needs to be cleaned or put away, what to do with the kids during vacation, what do I have to get done by a certain date..what this and that and truly it never ends.  I write notes to myself at my desk and on my bedside table at night just to try to get the thoughts out and so I can move on!

Welcome to my crazy world!


Just putting the girls to bed. What a da…

Just putting the girls to bed. What a day it has been! Happy go lucky kids this morning and then this evening a sick little five year old Melody. Fever was up to 106.4 for a bit and she started throwing up. Thank goodness she finally took the Motrin! It took an hour to do but she finally took it and is feeling so much better only a few hours later. She ate some dinner, pizza and drank some water and was happy go lucky again right now on her way up the stairs to brush her teeth before bed! I am hoping to head to bed soon myself!

Been a long day finishing up some things…

Been a long day finishing up some things but we are now home for the night and Santa is about to arrive! We went to visit my Godmother Mary and her husband my “Uncle” Eddie and then went to Peter’s Gram’s house for the family gathering of food and games and fun! We all ate well tonight and now it is time for bed. Peter is reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to the girls right now and I am really hoping that they just crash till morning! The rule is that they are not allowed downstairs until we get we are hoping to sleep till atleast 8am! A girl can hope right??!! We will open gifts here and then off to visit family and open more gifts and eat lots more food, along with a billion new conversations with family we haven’t seen in awhile. Including a cute little bundle of joy who arrived about a month ago!

Man things just can’t ever be easy can …

Man things just can’t ever be easy can they!? Today I went to the Dr. for my follow-up appt. and things look ok as of right now. I have to do some testing next month but I don’t need to worry about it right now. My stone was made of calcium which they think was taken from my bones because I apparently don’t eat enough of it on my own. Then as I was driving home I pulled up to the apt and see Peter standing next to his truck with the hood up. UGH!! So I brought him to work thinking could come home and have AAA come and pick it up. OOPS..not that easy. He has to be here to show his id and AAA card. So he comes home from work with his mother’s car and the truck took two hours instead of one! So Peter is hoping to stay at work the extra two hours tonight to make it up..which means I get to stay up even later to go and pick him up. But it is finally at the repair shop and hopefully it will be an easy fix. We are thinking something electrical..but hopefully we are wrong about that. I also need to take the kids to their groups tonight, Adventure Rangers, Daisys and Rainbows. They love their groups but I could use another night off! So we won’t be home until atleast 9pm from there. I also, while the kids are at their groups, will be going grocery shopping so hopefully I can get it done and be back to pick them up on time!! It is an hour and a I should have plenty of time but I am going to a store I haven’t ever been to before! Please let the crazy end around here! We just need some peace and quiet! I need to start baking for the holidays too! Holiday party at my neice’s house on Sunday, another one at my brother’s house next Sunday and then CHRISTMAS!! I still have a billion gifts to wrap too!