Annie Continued

All I have to say is this..if you live in the area go to this show!!!  It was truly fabulous, actors, music, dancing and laughing too!  I saw a billion kids there today and they all seemed to enjoy it.  Melody thought it was great.  I saw her several times kind of be bopping in her seat to the music.  She says she loved the character of Annie.  She almost said “Hi” to her after the show ended but she was being shy at the time.  Grandpa was kind enough to give Melody a rose and she has treasured it since we have gotten home.  It is in an old water bottle because I couldn’t find our small vase..but it smells just wonderful!  The girls both keep going up to it to smell and sniff the beautiful fragrance.  Thanks W & P for a fun afternoon for me and my princess.

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