My life is busy as everyone else’s is busy but I think I put more on myself than I really should and never seem to find a way to slow down and say no or just do stuff for me.  I think about it but yeah, that just never happens.

I over do it most of the time and need to occasionally take a day or two and step back and just relax and do absolutely NOTHING!  The past two days that is exactly what I have done, for me!

I for the most part sew every single day.  Well not always sewing but at least working with fabric in one way or another.  I make my girls hair clips and head bands and dresses and pants and tops galore…their closets are stuffed!  I also sew for others!  So yes I am busy with that but I also have a family of four others to care for as well.  I am super grateful for my dear husband who works his butt off to help keep our family steady and living comfortably.  It isn’t like we haven’t had hard times, we have, like most couples and families but we always, always find a way though.  Money may be tight at times but I always find ways to make it best I can.  But, my children and husband are happy..that makes me happy.

My son is now a man himself..almost 17 years old and just growing up way too fast in my eyes.  I remember being a single mother and caring for him all on my own and the struggle that was but boy we sure made it though ok.  I met my husband and my world grew by leaps and bounds with love.  He loved me but his family also took us both in with open arms.  Zachary and I were never left out of any family functions or just life in general from the start and I can’t thank my in-laws and the rest of the family enough for that.  I love being a part of a large Italian family.  The parties are fantastic!  EVERY SINGLE ONE!  The laughs, love and joy and even the grief are felt and held close to my heart from them all.

Recently we lost the matriarch to the family, my husbands dearest Grandmother Dorothy.  She was always there with a smile on her face and a hug to share.  The family surrounded her with the love that she shared through her life right back during her final days and I know she felt the love in the room with her.  The sweetest woman I knew lost the battle but she left behind lots and lots of people who grew as children to adults and just as people by knowing her.  I feel blessed to have been able to spend the past 12 years of my life knowing her and sharing in the joy of being a part of her family.  Image


You will be greatly missed Dot.  I told the kids that now she is in heaven with her long ago lost husband enjoying a beautiful picnic in a field full of flowers.  That made them smile to know she was truly happy.

So there you have it..just a few of the billions of things running through my head this morning..well afternoon now since I had some computer issues to deal with while writing this.  My brain never turns off…what to sew next, what to cook next, what needs to be cleaned or put away, what to do with the kids during vacation, what do I have to get done by a certain date..what this and that and truly it never ends.  I write notes to myself at my desk and on my bedside table at night just to try to get the thoughts out and so I can move on!

Welcome to my crazy world!


Life taking over..

I haven’t been blogging much this year.  The past few months we have all been fighting colds or allergies and honestly I just wasn’t up to blogging about all of our sickies and boring you all.  

Melody has been sick the most and is scheduled to see an allergist next week so hopefully we can come up with some type of answers as to why she is sick so often.  We all have allergies of some sort so hopefully we can find out what is really making Melody feel so icky all the time and move on to better things.  She can be healthy..I know that but it would be nice if it happened more than a day at a time.  

Me?  I have been feeling icky on and off too.  My allergies have taken over my life and I just don’t have the energy I should.  Today I woke up feeling achy and tired (I didn’t get to bed as early as I had hoped) and I ended up taking a four hour nap!  Me, taking a nap!??  That hardly ever happens!  I woke up feeling even more achy and just not myself.  Maybe it is the stress I put myself under to get things done quickly in the past few weeks.  (Pattern testing on short notice but loving the results.) Or maybe it is the heart ache thinking about how I lost my father 12 years ago this past Saturday.  It always weighs heavy on my heart and I doubt I will ever truly be past that type of pain.  He was my rock and was always there for me and I miss him dearly.  I take on a LOT of stuff for the girls schools/PTO as well, so maybe I need to start saying NO to some things.  I go to the Dr. in two weeks so maybe she will have some ideas as to why my allergies are acting up so much this year too.  Who knows.  I take on a lot all the time but it seems that recently it is more than normal and even though I am not a “working” mother..I am still a MOM who does it ALL!!  Sometimes I just feel sad, depressed, overwhelmed, tired, fed up, content, happy and just in general a mixture of it no, I am not insane..just normal I guess.  Us Mom’s take on a lot and normally don’t get the credit we deserve.  

Well it is dinner time I better get going.  Melody is finishing up her homework and Kylie is coloring.  Zachary is finishing up one of his weekly chores then likely going to play some video games or read.  I just am looking forward to bedtime!  

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Book Review: Jane Austen by Peter Leithart

Peter Leithart’s biography of Jane Austen is a book I was looking forward to reading.  As someone who has not yet read even ONE of Jane Austen’s books I was looking forward to learning a bit more about her life as a child through adulthood but in reading this book I was just more and more confused.  There were many, many family members, religious members of the family and many family friends.  This made the book rather difficult for me to read as I had to keep re-reading to make sure I was understanding it properly.  The size of the book is perfect as it is just the right size to hold in your hands comfortably and read..but the print inside of the book is a bit small which also impeded my reading.  My eyes aren’t perfect but I practically had to squint with my glasses on to read this book.  If you are a huge fan of Jane Austen I bet it would be a wonderful addition to your bookshelf…but for me as someone who doesn’t know her work at all it really was just a book I would rather put down and more on to other things.  Maybe even a student in college would find better use of this book for more of a detailed life story of Jane herself.

I am a member of Book Sneeze.  I have received this book for free to review.


Kylie’s dress..which I still need to make straps for to help keep it up! And Melody’s skirt! 🙂 They both love them and couldn’t wait for me to finish them today so they could wear them!