Faithful a novel by Kim Cash Tate

When I received this novel from Book Sneeze I wasn’t really sure what to expect but as I started reading I found many new ways to think about and become closer to God.  I think that Kim Cash Tate really found a wonderful way to show how He is there even when we aren’t looking for Him.   This is what the entire novel is about:

Three life-long friends experience life-altering struggles.  Cydney Sanders thought she knew God’s plan for her life. She’d marry, have kids, and then snap her body back into shape with Tae Bo. But she’s celebrating her fortieth birthday as the maid of honor at her little sister’s wedding . . . and still single. Why would God give her this desire to marry, but no husband? And why is her life suddenly complicated by the best man—who’s the opposite of what she wants in a husband?

Cydney’s best friend Dana has the perfect marriage. But when Dana discovers her husband’s affair, her world goes into a tailspin. And Phyllis is out of hope after six years of unanswered prayers for her husband to find faith. When she runs into an old friend who is the Christian man she longs for, she’s faced with an overwhelming choice.

It does get into much more detail and the story truly pulls you through page by page.  It made me feel closer to God and even cry for the women as they battle with themselves and with others over their own beliefs.  If you believe, want to believe, aren’t sure what to believe..this is a great book for any woman to read who has faith of any kind.  I highly recommend this books to all of my Christian friends.

One thought on “Faithful a novel by Kim Cash Tate

  1. amy says:

    Thanks for this thoughtful review of Faithful. There is also a great web page for the book here: In addition to a reading guide, mini-devotional and video with the author, you can download free desktop and iPhone wallpaper of that gorgeous book cover!

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