This is what I did most of the day today.

Yes, not much more than read. I put away some laundry but otherwise I read my book. Just me and my book. The girls came in to cuddle here and there but I had the day off to just rest. It was so nice to be able to finish an entire book in one day! I haven’t done that in years and years! What Mom has that kind of time!?


Eighty one rolls! Yes, I made two double batches of rolls to get that many!! I ran out of sheet pans and had to put the last six rolls into a muffin tin! I used an egg wash glaze on these. I usually just use butter but wanted to try something different. YUMMY!!! (Oh and by the way..yes that is my tiny kitchen..see how there is little space on each side of the stove!!?? That is what I hate the most about where we live…I need a HUGE kitchen and I would probably never leave it!