Been a long day finishing up some things…

Been a long day finishing up some things but we are now home for the night and Santa is about to arrive! We went to visit my Godmother Mary and her husband my “Uncle” Eddie and then went to Peter’s Gram’s house for the family gathering of food and games and fun! We all ate well tonight and now it is time for bed. Peter is reading “Twas The Night Before Christmas” to the girls right now and I am really hoping that they just crash till morning! The rule is that they are not allowed downstairs until we get we are hoping to sleep till atleast 8am! A girl can hope right??!! We will open gifts here and then off to visit family and open more gifts and eat lots more food, along with a billion new conversations with family we haven’t seen in awhile. Including a cute little bundle of joy who arrived about a month ago!


Black Friday

Wow..what a day! I was up until 4:30 this morning shopping online for almost every item I wanted for the family for Christmas! I only wasn’t able to get about five things online but then went to the store this afternoon and got every one of those too! My biggest problem this year..and almost every year is the adults gifts! It is so hard to buy gifts for all the people you love who really don’t NEED anything but you really want to get them SOMETHING to show how much you appreciate them being a part of your life and how much you love them. Is this a sad thing to say? I am still looking and I hope to find those perfect gifts for the ones I love before December 25th! This afternoon I took all the gifts out that I have already gotten and put them all in piles by who they are going to on my bed and it was covered! I then wrote down everything so that when it comes time to wrap I don’t get anything mixed up or it doesn’t get forgotten in the end. I even put post-its in the bags or boxes of items for each person with their name on it! I have a LOT of wrapping to do and I am hoping to atleast get started this weekend. The items I ordered online still need to get here but I also added those to the lists so I really don’t forget who gets what! Now lets just hope I don’t loose the lists!! I know I am insane but I figure this year it may help me keep it all a bit more organized than the years prior. The past few years I have been wrapping gifts on CHRISTMAS EVE!! I have been up until 2am wrapping gifts to just let the kids tear them open a few hours later. Here’s hoping that my savings because of the sales and free shipping deals pays off in the end!