Happy 4th of July 2011!!!!

Today we celebrated like we always do with a parade and a fun family and friend picnic!!  Lots of fun and the girls had a blast all day!  Melody kept saying, “This is the BEST DAY EVER!!”  It was pretty funny to hear all day long!  She loved Gram Gram’s options of ice cream for dessert this afternoon as we had about 10 – 15 options!  I don’t think Melody has seen that much ice cream in one place in a home ..ever!  We also let our Painted Lady Butterflies free today at the beginning of the picnic so that they can live out the rest of their adult life, which consists of a whole TWO weeks!  I did notice some butterflies mating yesterday and the day before so hopefully they will go lay their eggs and more Painted Lady Butterflies will be born in a few weeks!!

When we came home we started watching all of the 4th of July programs on tv and the girls enjoyed the music and the fireworks!  I took the girls outside after it got dark outside to light some sparklers too.  (I bought them last year and forgot about them so I saved them for today!)

I also had Peter help me wash three loads of laundry and put away all of our stuff when we got home today so it was a full and joyful day all around.  Peter just went up to bed because he needs to get up in about 8 1/2 hours to mow some lawns and I will be getting up to take the kids to the beach on the Farmington River for the afternoon.  Because of all of our time at the beach so far this summer I have built up a pretty nice tan so far too!  🙂  I usually just burn and that is it for me all year so I am grateful for a slow building tan this time around.


This morning I got up after receiving a text saying that school was closed.  Zachary was already up and I didn’t quite know why since he is never up that early.  He said he woke up to nightmares of being stabbed to death in his own bed!!!  It makes me wonder if I have been letting him read too much lately!  Or if it is this cold he has picked up.  He has a fever and body aches and pains.  Yesterday his nose wouldn’t stop running for anything but today it is fine!

Melody on the other hand has been fighting a fever for three days now.  It goes up to about 103 and then with the use of Motrin or Tylenol…we ran out of Motrin so only Tylenol now..it goes back down to normal.  She has been a little stuffy and congested too but not too bad.  The part that worries me the most is she has no appetite at all!!  It is hard enough with the little she does eat but to not eat at all worries me.

So I am asking for your prayers that everyone feels better in my home.


Peter is also sick and has been for a few days.  Stuffy, congested, coughing, achy and just icky feeling.  He seemed a bit better yesterday after a good night sleep so I am hoping for even better today!


Zachary completed his four day term in Carpentry..one of his three top choices for trades at school and he came home with this beautifully crafted checkers board that he made!  It has a drawer that holds the checkers and he painted the board himself.  I think he did a pretty good job at it too!  He had one problem when the wood on the platform for the pieces warped some and the drawer stuck but if we just take the pieces off of that and put them in the opening it works fine.  We will have to figure out a way to fix it..but for now it is in Zachary’s room so maybe at a later date that will actually happen.