CINO Junebug Dress


Let’s Dance! At least that is what it looks like Kylie is doing in this photo! 🙂


Showing off her new cowgirl hat with her new dress.


Just showing off her modeling pose.


In the middle of a spin but the look on her face it like, seriously Mom, what am I doing here!


The back of the dress.


The front.  I love, love, LOVE this dress!!

I loved making this dress! Anything designed by Jessica from Craftiness Is Not Optional will be fantastic without a doubt! Kylie picked out her fabrics and I think it came together beautifully! I can’t wait to make more! She already asked me for a sleeveless dress and top!   This dress will be released SOON! So go check out Jessica’s blog and try to be patient! 🙂  Waiting is the worst when I know you will be able to buy such a cute pattern! 🙂


Sewing projects…

Here are just a few of my recent sewing projects.  🙂  The girls love it and I have fun making them pretty things to wear.

All of the following dresses or tops are from Create Kids Couture patterns.   If you sew and have a little girl go check them out!  New patterns out all the time and each and every one is beautiful!

Felicity’s Simple Peasant Top

Cora’s Tiered Top (Sundress and Maxi Dress options too)

Ivy’s Criss Cross Ruffle Dress (Or top or maxi dress!)

Fairy’s Double Layer Princess Dress

Mia’s Reverse Knot Twirly Dress

Lacey’s Apron Top with reversible option

Joy’s Lace Twirly Dress

Harmony’s Twirly Lace Skirt

Violette’s Swirly Peasant Dress

Kylie showing off her dance moves!  LOL

So as you can see I have been doing a lot of sewing.  I truly enjoy it and it really  makes me feel good to make these beautiful outfits.  The girls aren’t always thrilled to go outside to take pictures after I am done but then they usually don’t want to take them off after we are done.  🙂  It truly warms my heart.  I am hoping to start selling made to order dresses sometime soon and many will be made with Create Kids Couture patterns.  The owners, Tiffany and Shannon are every day women like you and me and they just saw a need and taught themselves to do it.  I am so thrilled to get the opportunity to make items from their collection.



Little Bow Zipper Wallet PDF Pattern – Testing by ME!

I had a great opportunity to be a pattern tester for Michael Ann over at so I took her up on it and go the opportunity to sew up this cute little bow zipper wallet!  It truly took only about an hour to do and that is only because I was taking my time to make sure I followed each and every step to the letter.  I think next time it may only take me about 30 minutes to whip one together!  And there will be a next time…there will be plenty of these to go around!

I love how it came out!  I used some fabrics scraps so I didn’t even need to really cut any pieces off of the yardage I have laying around in my sewing area.  I just went to my scrap drawer and pulled out a few matching pieces and is a cute little wallet!  Mine came out at about 5 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches tall.  I even learned a few new things about sewing with zippers and putting together a cute zipper bag!  These types of bags always kind of scared me off because I always thought that I would totally screw them up because of the zipper.  Yes I have put in a few zippers in dresses for the girls but they still kind of scare me!

This is what the inside looks like!  I love it!  🙂

And the backside too!

I learned how to shorten a zipper with this tutorial, which I have never had to do before.  Super simple to say the least!  Now I will always have the right size zipper on hand!

If you have any interest in purchasing this pattern from Michael Ann just follow this link to her Etsy store:

It is only $5.50 and that is SUCH a deal if you ask me!  I can make tons of these for gifts and for the girls and seriously it is paid for after making just the first one!

Head on over to Michael Ann’s Etsy store and check out the cute items she has for sale and this wonderful pattern!

Glass Half Full Quilt by Lindsay Sews

As you can tell by my title to this blog post I will be writing about a quilt.  A beautiful quilt.  My first official quilt sewn!

Yes, I sew but I never really made a quilt before.  I love how it came out and I hope to give it as a gift to someone very soon!  This quilt is a crib size quilt 45″ x 45″.  How I was involved in making this quilt is kind of interesting.  I was checking out Facebook, like I do very often and came across a post from a blog that I follow, Lindsay Sews.  She was looking for pattern testers for a new quilt pattern that she  made.  I was like, well I have never made one before but I am sure I can figure it out.  (This was all before I even saw what it looked like!)  But I was up for anything!  When Lindsay emailed me I was first of all shocked that she even trusted a first time quilter to test it for her but also so very, very grateful.  Once she was sure I wanted to be a part of it she sent me the pattern.  I printed it up and was like, oh boy, I have a lot of work to do here!  It just seemed like a lot when I have never made one before.  Once I got started on it the quilt really came together rather quickly!  There are two quilt squares that you make multiples of for the quilt top.  I made templates out of cardstock so that I didn’t have to stop and measure every single piece cut and it really helped me out in making this quilt.  Some people enjoy measuring but me, I love a good template!

This photo was taken with my cell phone so a bit fuzzy but you get the idea I used to make the block templates.  🙂  It really helped me with the cutting to size of the major pieces!  (Plus Lindsay used it in the pattern! I am so honored!)

Speaking of pattern you can find the complete pattern for the Glass Half Full Quilt here.

I really enjoyed the time I took to make this quilt (about 10-12 hours) and I know it would be great for just us here at home as a lap quilt or as a baby quilt for yourself or the ones you love!  Please show some love to Lindsay for all of her hard work in making this beautiful quilt pattern.

You can find Lindsay Sews on Facebook here.

Here are a few more pictures of my finished quilt from the picking of fabrics to pieces, piecing it together and quilting and finally the finished quilt!

This is where I started with my fabric choices before I started cutting pieces to size.  I did end up deleting a few and adding a few by the time I was done.

These are the fabrics after washing but before ironing that I chose for the front main fabric and backing.

This is one of the quilt blocks.  (I tried to edit it and rotate the image but WordPress won’t save the change.)

The back of my pieced quilt top.  🙂

The front before I sewed it together.

Quilt back before sewing it together and quilting.  I had it laid out on paper because I was going to use spray adhesive to attach the top, quilt batting and back together before I quilted.

Adding the binding.

And the final finished item.  Front and back!  🙂  I really love this quilt!

Thanks Lindsay for letting me test this quilt for you!

A bit of a close up of the top after quilting.

If you love it as much as I do please make sure to visit Lindsay’s blog here and also pick up your own copy of this Glass Half Full Quilt here!

KCWC – Day 4

So today I got alot done around the apartment and with the kids but I never even got downstairs to my sewing machine.  😦  I had plans to make another nightgown for Melody today but I will have to get to that tomorrow.  It is already 11pm and I am too tired to even think about starting to sew right now.  But I did take a few pictures of Kylie modeling her new nightgown this morning before she got dressed for the day.  She LOVES her new nightgown and is wearing it right now while she is sleeping like a little angel.  🙂

I had Kylie try on her nightgown and she was being silly and then started spinning around.  I was using my cheap/portable camera so I didn’t get the best pictures out of it but I still find them oh so cute.

KCWC – Day 3

Today for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge I completed three items!  I am pretty proud of myself because I don’t think I have ever made so many things in one day..ever!  Well considering I have only really been sewing for under two years that says a lot for me.  LOL  I love how everything came out with the two fantastic tutorials that I used too!  I am so grateful for such wonderful people out there who create these tutorials for people like me to learn from and create wonderful clothing or household items for my family!  🙂  I can never thank them enough!

Please head over to visit Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional and Jen at iCandy Handmade!

The first two shirts are reglan tees made using this tutorial here at Craftiness Is Not Optional.  It went together super quickly and I know I will be making tons of these shirts for the girls and maybe even Zachary.  (Just not with the heart fabric for!) Unfortunately I had to take pictures tonight in horrible lighting with the flash and just on hanging on a hanger but you get the idea.  Once the girls try them on I will get much better pictures to share.  This one was made for Melody in mind.

 The next one was made for Kylie.  I love them both.  ❤

This nightgown I made using the tutorial here on iCandy Handmade.

I have had this fabric in my stash for awhile and figured it would look so cute as a nightgown.  So glad I decided to use it because it is so cute and I know the girls are going to fight over it!  🙂  Thank goodness I am making another one tomorrow so they can just take turns wearing them.  (They are so close in size now that they can share things like this without any problems.)

So that is what I have accomplished today for the Kids Clothes Week Challenge.  Three days down and five more to go.  I can’t wait to see what I whip together for the kids tomorrow!

KCWC – Day 2

Well this morning I had the girls try on the sleep pants I made last night..only the second time making pants and they didn’t turn out the way I had planned but I was able to fix them with a butt panel into each pair of pants.  😀

I then made up and cut out a pattern for the two different sizes I needed for the reglan tee and that was where I had to stop because I had to go and pick up Zachary from school.  Ever since then I am sooooooo tired that I don’t think I am going to get any more sewing done today.  I will pick it back up again tomorrow and get even more done with some sleep in my system.  I think I ended up with three hours of sleep last night and with it now being 8:15pm I am sooo ready for bed!  The girls are still awake so I am waiting for them to crash and then heading up to bed myself.

Crossing my fingers that they crash sooner rather than later!!

KCWC – Day 1

This week it’s Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley.


I am participating this time around and so far I have spent a few hours sewing today.  I made some cute hair clips for Halloween for the girls and some sleep pants made out of flannel so they can be nice and warm all winter long.  Now I just really hope they fit when they try them on!  Pants are hard for me to make fit properly and of course I decided to make them after they went to sleep tonight!  Here are photos of the items I worked on today.

These cute ghosts I found on a blog page somewhere and thought they looked cute so I made my own version for the girls to wear to school for the month of October.  I changed the shape of the mouth and just used different ribbon and larger eyes from the original.  Because I am not selling these I don’t find it as I am taking anyone else’s product idea from them.

Next are the sleep pants.  I just used some pants that fit the girls to make patterns so hopefully they will fit just fine when they try them on in the morning.

This is a really bad iPhone pic.  My basement doesn’t have the best lighting for night time photos.

Here they are in the living room using the flash.  I can actually see the

Tomorrow I am hoping to get at least one shirt made for one of the girls.  I am really hoping to get two done so they can each have one but we shall see.  I will be using a tutorial  for a reglan tee from Jess at  Craftiness Is Not Optional.   I already picked out the fabrics.  🙂

Time for bed..I need to get up in a few hours to get the kids to school.  See ya tomorrow!

UPDATE:  Of course..they don’t fit over their hips.  Not even thinking I used knit pants to use as a template..they stretch.  The flannel doesn’t stretch so I can’t get them up over their hips and butts.  DUH moment for me.  I knew better but didn’t think that far ahead!  I may try to cut out the top of the pants and sew in a new section to see if that

Kids Clothes Week Challenge


I know I haven’t been around here much lately..or the past few months but I plan on keeping up with my blogging yet again.  I am going to be participating in the Kids Clothes Week Challenge on October 10 – 17, 2011.  What is involved in this week is spending at least ONE hour a day working on kids clothing.  I have had plans for all kinds of projects to work on for the girls but during this one week I plan on getting a lot of my ideas actually completed!  I will be using lots of great free tutorials I have found out there on the internet!  LOL  I have thousands of them!

Over the past few months I have also been sewing several items for the girls and I even entered them into the Terryville Fair and the Harwinton Fair and I won ribbons on them all!  Almost all 1st and 2nd place ribbons too!  I am very excited that my work was so liked by the judges!  🙂

When I have time I will get the photos and links to those items up but right now I need to get into the basement to finish organizing my stuff and pull the tutorials I want to use next week!

Happy 4th of July 2011!!!!

Today we celebrated like we always do with a parade and a fun family and friend picnic!!  Lots of fun and the girls had a blast all day!  Melody kept saying, “This is the BEST DAY EVER!!”  It was pretty funny to hear all day long!  She loved Gram Gram’s options of ice cream for dessert this afternoon as we had about 10 – 15 options!  I don’t think Melody has seen that much ice cream in one place in a home ..ever!  We also let our Painted Lady Butterflies free today at the beginning of the picnic so that they can live out the rest of their adult life, which consists of a whole TWO weeks!  I did notice some butterflies mating yesterday and the day before so hopefully they will go lay their eggs and more Painted Lady Butterflies will be born in a few weeks!!

When we came home we started watching all of the 4th of July programs on tv and the girls enjoyed the music and the fireworks!  I took the girls outside after it got dark outside to light some sparklers too.  (I bought them last year and forgot about them so I saved them for today!)

I also had Peter help me wash three loads of laundry and put away all of our stuff when we got home today so it was a full and joyful day all around.  Peter just went up to bed because he needs to get up in about 8 1/2 hours to mow some lawns and I will be getting up to take the kids to the beach on the Farmington River for the afternoon.  Because of all of our time at the beach so far this summer I have built up a pretty nice tan so far too!  🙂  I usually just burn and that is it for me all year so I am grateful for a slow building tan this time around.