The Lightkeeper’s Daughter by Colleen Coble

The Lightkeeper’s Daughter by Colleen Coble was such a wonderful story!  I read it in a day! 

Addie Sullivan is a young woman who grew up in a lighthouse after her parents found her on shore at only two years old.  Years later a stranger shows up and tells her she is someone else.  Her father had passed recently and her mother never really truly showed her love to her in a way that filled her heart.  Her heart was with God and her sidekick and best friend Gideon, her dog.  She decides to go with the stranger who she finds out is her uncle Walter.  She moves into the lavish home of the Eatons in along the California redwood forests.  This story takes place in the 1800’s through early 1900’s so the story is full of lavish discriptions of the way the men and women dressed and the way the homes were built and how people just lived in this day and age.  Addie discovers she is actually Julia Eaton and the son of Henry who is the head of the family.  He welcomes her in but there is a secret he is keeping from her.  A big one!  Addie/Julie finds what she believes is love with John, a young widower and Edwards father.  Edward is five years old and is coddled and kept at home away from other children because he suffers from fits of seizures from epilepsy.  The story is full of love, beauty, mystery and drama.  It was a wonderful read and I am looking forward to finding more book by Colleen Coble to add to my collection.

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Review: The Sweet By and By – Sarah Evans with Rachel Hauck

The story of The Sweet By and By will be a story that tugs at your heart and draws you closer to God to know his greatness by the end.  This story really drew me in from the first page.  It is a story about Jade a woman who has battled through a tough life to find her one true love.  When things from her past are catching up to her and she has to find her way through the emotions and faith.  Her hippie mother and the new vintage shop along with Max her fiance take control of her life and throw her for a loop as a young woman with lots to discover about herself before she can really move onto being married and settled with Max…her knight in shining armor.  I loved the story and really felt for Jade and her entire family by the end.  I can’t wait to read the next three books in this series! 

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What’s He Really Thinking by Paula Rinehart – Review

I received “What’s He Really Thinking?” to review and will finally be able to understand my husband and not always wonder why he does the things he does. After starting this book I was really not drawn into it and it was a very hard read. If you are one looking for an answer..yeah maybe you might find something but personally it was a waste of time for me. I honestly didn’t learn a thing about my husband or myself in reading this book. It was a total disappointment. With the author, Paula Rinehart, being a counselor I kind of expected some babble and rambling of brain waves and hormones but honestly I had the hardest time just getting through this book. 169 pages of book and then a section in the back where it has questions you can ask your other half or father, friend, brother..whoever it is you want to get to understand better that is the male species. So to me it was like a school book and bored me to the point of putting it down and forgetting about it.  If you have problems or wonder about your husband, father or brother then just try to open up communication and take care of it yourself.  Don’t bother spending your money on this book.

Max Lucado – Fearless

Max Lucado knows how to relate to everyone with every book he writes. This one relates to all of the fears that we all have in this big and crazy world. It has shown me that fear is nothing when I go to God. He will be there for me always and I have no reasons at all to fear for a thing in my life. I have grown so much after reading this book. Get it, share it with your friends and family!
Learn about yourself and your love in this world and how to keep the fear from entering your heart or mind.  God is always there for you and Max Lucado knows how to remeind us all of that fact.