Busy, Busy….

Well…things have been crazy around here.  We finished school on Friday, May 9th.  Zachary told me today that he feels like he should be doing more in the mornings.  He has been in school for almost a straight 180 days!  We only took a week off for Christmas and weekends.  We will be starting up again on August 25th.  Zachary will be in 7th grade and Melody will be starting Pre-K.  I am sure it will be super easy with her as she knows so much already.  Not even four and she writes her name, can count to 50, knows her alphabet by sight and sound, can tell you all kinds of things you never would think a three year old would even care about!  She has become a bit of a problem lately though..as she is getting older and showing me her independence.  Zachary is great with her though.  When we go to the playground he stays with Melody and I stay with Kylie and they have a great time.  I have a ton of photos to post but just haven’t had the time yet to get them onto here.  Hopefully soon!! 

I have been busy on the weekends working vendor fairs and scrapbooking events.  I have one actually in about 11 hours from now!  It is raining outside and it stinks..hopefully that will end before I get ready to leave in the morning.  I am also working on a fundraiser called Scrapping for Soldiers on June 14th and I have gotten a bunch of donations so far but I am still working on a few more.  I just sent out 20 letters in the mail the other day and the only one I have heard back from is McDonalds.  They are actually doing a fundraiser on Tuesday night for the soldiers so the manager asked me to come down to hand out some flyers for my event and also to talk to her about what she can do to help out for my Scrapping for Soldiers event.  I was even in the paper on April 28th talking about this event!  I was so excited!  I have never been quoted in the paper before! 

I have also found out in the past few weeks that we will be moving soon.  There is finally a three bedroom apartment in our complex that opened up and now we are just waiting for the maintenance people to go in and repaint and fix any problems from the last people who lived there and then we can move in.  What kills me about this is we are really only moving about 100 feet from our front door now!  I am at a loss as to what to do with our stuff in the mean time though.  I did start packing some items but we don’t have a place to store them unless we put them in the basement..which is just a pain because that just means more stairs to climb to get them back out!  We will have three bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms.  Which will be fabulous as we only have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom right now.  I think once we are settled in I will start trying to potty train Kylie.  She has interest in undies already so I might as well try soon right!? 

Also going on is that I have left Top Line Creations and signed up with Close to My Heart.  Acrylic stamps and scrapbooking papers and albums.  All beautiful products.  I have a bunch of stuff for fairs and parties all ready in my head..lol.  I just have to finish up getting the things I have in my head made for people to actually see in person!  If only I had an extra 20 hours a day!  I am hoping that once we move I will set up an area to just work on my Scrapbooking items.  I have also been working on my cards so things are never dull here!! 

I am headed to bed now.  It is almost 1am and I have to get up and ready for my vendor fair/Scrap for a Cure tomorrow so I need to get some rest. 


Good night and God Bless! 


I started making my own cards at home by myself and also at a friends house when she does some card “classes” for friends.  I love getting the chance to go out for a few hours once a month or so and enjoy the conversation with other women with the same interests.  I am finally able to post a bunch of them as they have been sitting on my computer just waiting to be shown.  🙂  I am still playing around with different techniques so please forgive me if any of them look weird.  If you are interested I am now also selling homemade/hand stamped cards to anyone who may need them.  Just let me know the type of card you need and I can either make it up ahead or even the day you need it if possible. 

I also have some news!!  I emailed a writer for the local paper to let him know more about my Scrapping for Soldiers event that is happening on June 14th and he called me today!  He is going to be doing a write up in the local paper!  I am really excited about this!  I am still looking for donations and for people to sign up to come and spend the day scrapping!  All money raised goes to a great charity.  www.soldiersangels.org  For every $10 we raise it will go towards a pre-paid phone card for our soldiers!  I am hoping to raise $3,000 so I can get a phone card into the hands of 300 soldiers!  I personally support a soldier right now in Iraq and he has 300 men and women in his unit and I really am hoping to get a card into each of their hands.  If you happen to know anyone interested in making a donation to this worthy cause please send them to www.scrappingforsoldiers.com and they can contact me through there.  Remember, these men and women are risking their lives for OUR freedom!  “May No Soldier Go Unloved”

Busy, Busy, Busy… ****UPDATE****

**** UPDATE**** So I just found out that the hall that the VFW was so kind to donate is not going to be ready on time…not till about the end of May..so the event will have to be pushed off till mid June. I am not too happy about this but going to still do my best to make this happen and happen with all the support I can get! If you are still interested in becoming an Angel please check out http://www.soldiersangels.org/. The VFW is building this new hall and adding onto their building so I am happy to be able to use a brand new space in town that should be perfect for this event. Please continue to pray for our soldiers. God Bless! ****
Ok..so I am just super busy now and haven’t been paying much attention to my blog. Sorry about that people..but I have important business to take care of..I am in charge of raising $3,000 to get phone cards for our Soldiers! Want to make a donation? Email me or leave a message with your email. Want to help out? Give me an extra 10 hours a day!
I am working on a fundraiser with http://www.scrappingforsoldiers.com/ to help raise enough money to pay for phone cards for my soldiers entire unit! I support a soldier who is in Mozul, Iraq right now! He is there with 300 men and women and I want to earn enough to get a phone card in each of their hands! You can become a supporter of a soldier yourself by visiting http://www.soldiersangels.org/ for more information. Scrapping for Soldiers is going to be a fun day of food, scrapping and prizes!
If you live in the area email me for sign up info and I will forward the registration paperwork.
It is going to be held at the lovely VFW here in W (if you know me you know where I am talking about!) which has been donated by the VFW for free so we can earn even more for not paying for the space. April 26th, 9am till 9pm. $35 for the day. Come one, come all! Goody bags and silent auction included.
Check out the websites and contact me for more info!
Thanks to TLC (Top Line Creations) for starting such an event for our Soldiers..who do more for us than anyone else in the world. They give up time with their families, children and life in general to help keep us safe.
I can never thank them enough.
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