Tonight was the first time in four years since Melody ate any pasta and she tried it and actually ate it!!  She tried it dry and liked it.  Then she tried it cooked with just butter and didn’t like it.  So I suggested she try it with parmesan cheese and she LIKED IT!!  So I gave her a bowl of pasta with butter and parmesan cheese and she is actually eating it!!  Eating with the family!!!  Not eating a pb and fluff sandwich..again!!  I am so thrilled!!  I guess I really need to stock up on parmesan cheese!  YAY Melody!!


Dinner anyone??  This was Zachary’s dinner plate ..when he finished this he had one more!!  I ate one and was STUFFED!

Frozen meatballs cooked in the crock pot with one can of chili (no beans) and two cans of cranberry sauce.  I cooked them for four hours from frozen and they came out perfect!  It was a huge bag of them too..I think it was 86 or 96 in the bag??  I didn’t really look.

The rolls are The Mother Huddles 60 minute rolls recipe.  I just shaped them bigger like grinder rolls instead of small round ones.  It ended up making about 11 of them.  The girls kept going on and on about how good they are and how they are the best rolls ever!

(They usually say this about anything I make that they like!)


Today I made some rolls.  They only took me an hour to make and they are delicious!!  I used my cookie/cupcake scoop to scoop the dough out of the bowl and onto the pan.  It says to roll them into balls but this was even quicker for me and they all came out about the same size.  I personally don’t care what they look like..just that they taste good!  These are super yummy and I will be making these again soon!


You can find the recipe here at The Mother Huddle.

Here is the inside.  Nice and airy!  

260 – 291/365

So apparently I have been way, way behind on my posts!  Here are ALL of my pictures from September 16 – October 17, 2010!