April 24, 2011 – Easter through May 1, 2011 at the Daffodil Fields

We had a small family Easter dinner at the in-laws and then a quick little Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  That night Melody lost her third tooth!  🙂  Happy Easter to her ..too bad the Tooth Fairy got lost and dropped off her necklace and money a little late the next day!  On April 27th I finally got around to coloring Easter Eggs with the girls!  LOL And finally, on May 1st, 2011 we went to Northfield to the Daffodil Fields and took some family pictures.  It truly is a beautiful place full of thousands and thousands of daffodils!!


April 22, 2011 – Beardsley Zoo for the day!

Today we went to the zoo to meet up with my girlfriend Alexis and her daughter.  It was a nice day but the breeze made it rather chilly for the end of April!  The kids had a blast!  Kylie didn’t want to listen, as usual, so Peter spent much of the day chasing after her and holding her.  I took over 600 pictures!  The following 127 pictures were my favorites!  LOL  You will see LOTS of peacocks as they wander the grounds freely and get pretty close to you!


I have been MIA lately and I am sorry for anyone who may have been looking forward to my daily photos.  I apparently just can’t keep up with that anymore so I will post as often as I can from now on.  I am going to include a bunch of photos in this post to kind of make up for any that were passed over during my time missing in action.  When I was going through my pictures I apparently picked out a ton of them so it may take some time to open up all of the following photos.  To see them bigger just click on them!  🙂


This morning I got up after receiving a text saying that school was closed.  Zachary was already up and I didn’t quite know why since he is never up that early.  He said he woke up to nightmares of being stabbed to death in his own bed!!!  It makes me wonder if I have been letting him read too much lately!  Or if it is this cold he has picked up.  He has a fever and body aches and pains.  Yesterday his nose wouldn’t stop running for anything but today it is fine!

Melody on the other hand has been fighting a fever for three days now.  It goes up to about 103 and then with the use of Motrin or Tylenol…we ran out of Motrin so only Tylenol now..it goes back down to normal.  She has been a little stuffy and congested too but not too bad.  The part that worries me the most is she has no appetite at all!!  It is hard enough with the little she does eat but to not eat at all worries me.

So I am asking for your prayers that everyone feels better in my home.


Peter is also sick and has been for a few days.  Stuffy, congested, coughing, achy and just icky feeling.  He seemed a bit better yesterday after a good night sleep so I am hoping for even better today!