Another Butterfly Card

Melody helped me make this card.  She chose the card base, butterfly (from CTMH stamp set C1299 Butterfly Kiss) and colors for the paper on the front and the ink used for the sentiment.  She is sending this card to her new pen pal in Canada, Melody!  Yes she has the exact same first name!  You can find more info about our new friend here:  I have been sending her occasional cards to help her reach her card goal of 500 cards and even have heard back from her a few times online and now directly to Melody through a written letter! 

Here is a close up of the butterfly and the sparkles! 

I put in a few extras such as stickers and things to cut out and glue to decorate of butterflies and flowers and even some dog foot prints and bones.  Melody in Canada has a new puppy!  🙂

If you get a chance go and visit her blog and her mailing address is posted right there after you read some of her story.  Maybe take the time to pick out or make your own card to send to her as well.  I feel blessed to be able to put a smile on a little girls face with the simple act of sending a card.


We ventured out with the kids on Sunday afternoon after playing in the snow and stopped into Wal-Mart to pick up some of the basic necessities.  Come to find out they had Santa there and my long time friend Sarah was the one taking the photos.  She got these three of the girls for us and then said that we could come in today (Monday) and pick up a free 5×7 of each image for FREE!  Boy do I LOVE freebies!  Thanks Sarah!

Melody loved it..especially since she got a candy cane for sitting and taking a picture with Santa! 

Kylie on the other hand we tried everything but she didn’t want to even be 

Stinky Love

I was just putting the girls down for bed  and suddenly we hear some strange sounds from outside.  It is squeaking but we can’t place what on earth would be making these sounds.  I send Zachary downstairs to turn on the outside light out back.  I have seen something moving around by our patio table and can’t figure out what it is….so suddenly the light is on and sure enough it is two skunks!  I am not positive what they are doing until I come downstairs and see them up close and personal.  They are maybe five feet away from my back door and it appears to me that they are mating.  You judge for yourselves.   The first few photos are through the glass of the back door..then I opened the door and took a photo through the screen and then opened that and they didn’t seem to mind me being there and went along with their own business.  I was laughing and fearing getting sprayed at the same time.

One of my favorite blogs: is looking for some design team members!  I decided it was time to try to do this so I can make sure I get some crafting done and get to show it off to the world. 
1.  I would love to join the design team to have a challenge each week in designing my cards.  I love all the different ways people color and put together their cards on so many different sites.  Plus, House Mouse is one of my favorite types of stamps to use, so why not?!  I am a stay at home mom who loves a challenge and this would be on a weekly basis for 12 weeks so it will give me a good starting and ending point and a goal to get it finished early each week and in on time!  I know I can do this!














Electric Company

For those of you who grew up in the early 70’s you know the show…PBS was a favorite of mine as a child.  Between Sesame Street and The Electric Company I was super excited to learn new things on a daily basis.  I heard the PBS was bringing back the Electric Company and sure enough…it is on the air!  I happen to catch a few episodes this afternoon with my kids.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it really was a good show!  Melody even said, “This show is great!”  Thank heaven for good television for kids.  This is the link to the newer version:

This is part of one of the old 70’s version thanks to YouTube.

More SNOW!!

Well starting yesterday afternoon till right now…it is still snowing, we got, so far, about 10-12 inches of snow.  It is lovely to look at and falling much lighter today with bigger flakes than yesterday when we got a few inches per hour!  We had to move the cars this morning so they could plow the complex and they have started but didn’t finish quite yet.  Peter went out with Zachary to get some Christmas shopping done..for me!  🙂  Melody woke up not feeling well.  She almost threw up and has a fever of 102.7.  She took some tylenol and has perked up since taking that.  Kylie is still sleeping right now which is good ..she needs her rest!  Here are a few photos I just took of the snow.

Kylie just woke up so I am headed up to get her ready for the day.  15 degrees outside!!  Off to dinner tonight with the family at the good old Log House.  🙂

Holiday far…


We have decorated the tree, helped to decorate Grandma and Grandpa’s tree, made christmas ornaments, colored in christmas pictures, made cards..still need to mail them though!! Lots done but still lots to get done. Most of the gifts are purchased already..still need to wrap them all least favorite part of Christmas.

Ho, Ho HO everyone!


OH boy!  I am an avid scrapbooker and stamper but I think I have found my new addiction!  I love Magnolia stamps.  Check out the kids on the cards I made below.  They are all from this group of stamps.  I received a bounch of stamped pieces from people who already own these stamps and I have been having so much fun coloring them in with my watercolors and blending pen and then making beautiful cards out of them!  Most of the paper and card stock used in making these cards is from Close to My Heart

IF you are interested in purchasing any of the Magnolia line of stamps please email Diana directly and let her know that you are looking to purchase some of her new line!  They are imported from Sweden as that is where they were created.  They are already a huge hit here in the USA and I can’t wait to get some in my hands! 

I helped Diana out with her images of the stamps with organizing them and putting together a word document with all the prices and names and such together…so to thank me she was kind enough to give me 4 stamps of my choice!!  BOY will I be stalking the UPS man and the mail man.  I can’t wait!! 

Please comment to let me know what one is YOUR favorite! 


Undies Da Da!

I come home tonight around 10pm from a Lia Sophia party at a friends and as I get out of my car I hear a child screaming…my little Kylie.  So I come inside and check on her and as I walk into the room I hear her yelling,

“Da Da undies, undies, undies Da Da!”

So as I walk over to where she is I notice she is holding her diaper..and is standing there with a bare bottom.  How nice! 

So I get a new fresh clean diaper on Kylie’t bottom and go in and check on why Peter didn’t get up to check on her.  So I walk in and find Melody on my half of the bed and Peter passed out on his side.  The baby monitor is on but not on very I can understand he didn’t really hear her but come on…I was at the car..which is a good 100 feet from my front door and I could hear her! 

Thank goodness it wasn’t a really messy diaper!

It is now 11pm and Kylie is up having fun playing with all of her toys.  Asking for “beans” which are Jelly Beans!  She turned 21 months old on the 14th..can you believe my baby is no longer a baby! 

I am off to get her tired enough to fall asleep.  Wish me luck!

Whoooo HOOOO!! ***UPDATE***

It is finally POTTY TIME! I have been working with Melody for what seems like forever trying to get her to use the potty and she had no interest until tonight. Before her bath I had her sit on the potty and guess what..she went pee!! Then she sat there and went again! She waited to get into the bathtub because she wanted to sit on the potty longer! This amazed me as she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES the bathtub. She finally she finished and got into the tub and suddenly she said…I feel like I got to go pee..and jumped out and sat on the potty and went again!! She did this twice while in the tub and then again twice once she got out. I am so PROUD of my little girl. It took time and we are just starting out, finally but we are starting. She even picked out some Dora underwear to wear in the morning. It is going to snow here so we will be in the apartment all day doing Christmas Crafts and making COOKIES!!! Each time she goes potty she gets to put a sticker on a little chart we put on the inside of the front door and also gets to pick out a treat to eat. She picked out a lollipop..but that is fine with me. She has been dry since and it has been over an hour and she drank a whole cup of water/juice since. I am going to put her on the potty one more time before she brushes her teeth for bed. Lets hope we get to put another sticker on her chart! YAY! We even did a different potty dance for each time. 🙂

What is really funny about this happening today is that we went to the library for 2 1/2 hours today and I picked up the It’s Potty Time video to bring home..hoping it would put the bug in her to say to start trying. Well she started before I even put the movie in! We watched it after she was dressed for bed and she loved it! Sorry to be going on and on about potty but I am just such a proud Mommy and so excited for my little girl. Thanks for sharing in my excitement.

***UPDATE*** We were just about to go upstairs to start getting ready for bed and Melody told me she felt the pee coming and needed help pulling down her pull up. So we pulled it down and she peed again!! YAY for Melody! I am again super excited here. I asked he at bed when we were cuddling if she was going to keep going pee in the potty tomorrow and she happily said YES!