I started making my own cards at home by myself and also at a friends house when she does some card “classes” for friends.  I love getting the chance to go out for a few hours once a month or so and enjoy the conversation with other women with the same interests.  I am finally able to post a bunch of them as they have been sitting on my computer just waiting to be shown.  🙂  I am still playing around with different techniques so please forgive me if any of them look weird.  If you are interested I am now also selling homemade/hand stamped cards to anyone who may need them.  Just let me know the type of card you need and I can either make it up ahead or even the day you need it if possible. 

I also have some news!!  I emailed a writer for the local paper to let him know more about my Scrapping for Soldiers event that is happening on June 14th and he called me today!  He is going to be doing a write up in the local paper!  I am really excited about this!  I am still looking for donations and for people to sign up to come and spend the day scrapping!  All money raised goes to a great charity.  For every $10 we raise it will go towards a pre-paid phone card for our soldiers!  I am hoping to raise $3,000 so I can get a phone card into the hands of 300 soldiers!  I personally support a soldier right now in Iraq and he has 300 men and women in his unit and I really am hoping to get a card into each of their hands.  If you happen to know anyone interested in making a donation to this worthy cause please send them to and they can contact me through there.  Remember, these men and women are risking their lives for OUR freedom!  “May No Soldier Go Unloved”

200 Posts!

Wow…it is amazing to me that I have posted apparently 200 times!  This is actually my 201st post but hey…I had a story to tell lastnight.  I am so excited to share my boring life with  Things get interesting with the kids from time to time and we enjoy baking and cooking different things. 

Today is actually a pretty busy day for me.  I have a Dr’s appt. at 1pm to get an echocardiogram.  Then I am headed to my mother’s house for a short visit and to pick up some items for my Soldier.  From there I am meeting up with a woman to make some donations for a charity event in Waterbury.  It is an afternoon of haircuts for cancer.  People can donate their hair if it is long enough and you can buy items from an auction.  That is what my donations are for.  I am making donations from my three businesses. 

Speaking of my businesses…TLC has changed it ways and suddenly changed to a “Buyers Club”.  So you want to get the same discount I can get you can pay, I think it is, about $25 and be at the same level as me.  It is really sad to think they did this to us.  Apparently things weren’t working for them..with prices for paper going up and sales not what they were hoping.  So I have a ton of stock if anyone out there is interested in any scrapbooking items. 

On another note I decided to just sell off my stock to make the money back I spent on it and move on.  I signed on with Close to My Heart on Thursday night.  They had a special for former TLC I got in with a great deal.  Plus my new upline is refunding me some money back on top of the already discounted consultant kit.  It was shipped yesterday so I am really excited about getting it and playing with my new My Acrylix stamps.   

Today will be busy but tomorrow is a bit busy too.   I am headed to a town about 40 minutes away to pick up a used laptop computer for my Soldier!  This woman making the donation saved an email I had sent out before Christmas!  She emailed me this week and said she had one to give to me if I still needed one and surely I do need it.  My soldier is excited to get his own laptop as he is using someone elses at the moment.  He will be able to stay in touch with his wife and three children while he is away fighting for our freedom. 

God Bless America!


This year I signed my children up for the UNICEF Trick or Treat program. We got the little boxes and went around asking for donations. Well my three little children were lucky enough to collect a total of $18.86! What great family members we have! Thanks for your support!

This is what our small donation can buy for sick and hungry children around the world:

  • 6 cents provides water for a thirsty kid
  • $1 can immunize a child against measles for life
  • $2 provides nutrition to three hungry kids
  • $3 can provide a child with a pencil, paper pad and a pen to use in the classroom
  • $12 can buy 20 packets of high-protein biscuits to feed malnourished children
  • $17 can immunize one child for life against the six leading child-killing diseases: measles, polio, diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus and tuberculosis
  • $24 can provide 4 long-lasting insecticidal mosquito nets, protecting children from Malaria
  • $52 can provide 2 micro-filters which can supply safe drinking water to large families or schools
  • $75 can buy 208 sachets of PlumpyNut, a ready-to-eat therapeutic spread to nourish children with severe acute malnutrition
  • $100 can vaccinate 200 children against polio
  • $150 can provide 2,500 packets of Oral Rehydration Salts to help save the lives of children suffering from diarrheal dehydration due to drinking contaminated water
  • $176 buys school supplies for 80 kids
  • $200 can buy a large vaccine cold box to keep them safe during transport
  • $318 can provide a hot air sterilizer for sterilizing medical instruments
  • $450 can supply warm blankets for 150 children in an emergency
  • $581 can provide a Supplementary Dry Feeding kit that contains enough equipment to feed 500 moderately malnourished children
  • $700 can provide 64 families with Basic Family Water kits for use during emergencies
  • $750 can buy a sturdy tent for emergency shelter for a family
  • $880 can supply five “School-in-a-Box” kits to help resume education for children affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts. Each kit contains enough educational materials for a teacher and up to 80 children.