May 13 – May 27, 2011

I got around to planting my veggies early this year (May 13, 2011) to give them a head start.  I planted four tomato plants and two red bell pepper plants.  A few herbs as well.  So far everything is growing like crazy!

May 17th – (This may be TMI for some)

I left the house at 6am to head to the hospital to get ready for surgery.  This was scheduled surgery to help fix a few problems I have had every since Kylie was born almost five years ago.  I had a hysterectomy and they removed my uterus and cervix.  I kept my ovaries so I don’t have to go through menopause early!  I was in severe pain for a few days but I was home by May 19th.  I rested a lot the first few days and then have felt better and better each and every day.

May 21st we had some severe rain and it always floods in our back “yard” area.  Always such craziness around here and I hate it when it rains!  (It usually means our basement floods too!)

On May 24th we had a visitor that has been around for the past few years.  This year momma bear brought along two new cubs!  They were about the size of my cat!  So cute!  I know it is the same momma bear because of the ear tags she is wearing.  She likes to come and dig in the dumpster for food.  This time around in opening the sliding door she just pulled it completely off!

I also took a picture of the sun shining through the front window this afternoon..I love the look of it!

May 25 – 26th I had just planted some purple iris’ and they were in bloom!  I love them!  Melody lost yet another tooth!  Her bottom left lateral incisor!  So now she has three teeth missing and it is so cute to see her smile!  🙂  We had some visitors to the bird feeders this time actual birds!  It was a very cloudy day and it is rather dark in the back when it is like that outside so the pictures are a bit dark but you I love how they came out.

May 27th I packed up all kinds of paint products and brought the girls outside in the shade and let them paint rocks, paper and we even did some spin art!  🙂  They had a blast, made a mess on their clothing even with the aprons and we now have a ton of art creations to look at from all of that fun!


May 2 – 9, 2011

May 2, 2011 I went to my in-laws to get some beautiful pictures of the blooming magnolia tree!  I think it is so pretty every year but usually miss it because they bloom and fall off so fast usually with some nasty rain storm that rolls through!  This year I caught it on a good day.  I was also lucky enough to find a robin’s nest with 2 eggs in it!  The next day she laid another one too!  We never did see the chicks and the nest disappeared but I am grateful the girls were able to see the beautiful eggs even for a minute.

May 5th turned out to be an exciting day too!  We had a little red squirrel who kept climbing up into my window bird feeders and eating the seeds!

Melody also lost her fourth tooth that day too!  So now she has a big toothless grin!  🙂

On May 8th we had a little visit by one of our neighbor hood bears!!  I only got a few pictures but I was lucky to see it at all!

May 8th – 9th I sewed up a cute bonnet for a little girl in Simsbury who’s mother posted that she was looking for one for a school event.  I offered to make her one if she wasn’t able to find one and she took me up on it. I think it came out really cute and it actually sewed up rather quickly!

April 24, 2011 – Easter through May 1, 2011 at the Daffodil Fields

We had a small family Easter dinner at the in-laws and then a quick little Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.  That night Melody lost her third tooth!  🙂  Happy Easter to her ..too bad the Tooth Fairy got lost and dropped off her necklace and money a little late the next day!  On April 27th I finally got around to coloring Easter Eggs with the girls!  LOL And finally, on May 1st, 2011 we went to Northfield to the Daffodil Fields and took some family pictures.  It truly is a beautiful place full of thousands and thousands of daffodils!!

April 22, 2011 – Beardsley Zoo for the day!

Today we went to the zoo to meet up with my girlfriend Alexis and her daughter.  It was a nice day but the breeze made it rather chilly for the end of April!  The kids had a blast!  Kylie didn’t want to listen, as usual, so Peter spent much of the day chasing after her and holding her.  I took over 600 pictures!  The following 127 pictures were my favorites!  LOL  You will see LOTS of peacocks as they wander the grounds freely and get pretty close to you!


I have been MIA lately and I am sorry for anyone who may have been looking forward to my daily photos.  I apparently just can’t keep up with that anymore so I will post as often as I can from now on.  I am going to include a bunch of photos in this post to kind of make up for any that were passed over during my time missing in action.  When I was going through my pictures I apparently picked out a ton of them so it may take some time to open up all of the following photos.  To see them bigger just click on them!  🙂