Flowers are already trying, desperately trying, to grow in my garden.  Even though we have been slightly warm the past two days in the high 30’s and low 40’s ..we had had insane snow, rain and more snow.  But yet closer to our apt. there is the warmth of the concrete.  Which helps make my flowers start out VERY, VERY early!  Hopefully they will be ok and continue to grow into beautiful flowers!

Did somebody say COOKIES??!!??

Today I started my Christmas cookie baking and boy did I get a lot done!  I started with homemade peanut butter cups ..I made 32 of those.  Then I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and made about 9 dozen of those!!  Then I made a double batch of sugar cookies and put it in the fridge to chill while we went to dinner at the in-laws.  They usually save some of their ornaments for the kids to help decorate their tree!  The kids love it and I find it so sweet that they want to let the kids “decorate” their tree!  LOL  We had a nice dinner of pizza and salad and the kids decorated the tree a bit and then we had some chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cups and ice cream for dessert!  The girls had a blast with this idea!  I took several photos of the evening so look below and enjoy!  After the visit we came home and Peter got the girls in bed and I baked up the sugar cookies that were in the fridge.  Then after that was done I mixed up the dough..yet another double batch of chocolate crinkle cookies!  I will bake those in the morning before we go to a family Christmas party at my brother’s house!  We are due for snow tomorrow so that may or may not happen but hopefully it won’t start till later at night.  I still have gifts..lots of them..to wrap and lots more baking to get finished this weekend!  Peter wants to take the kids with him out on Sunday to go shopping for me..lol..and then I can get stuff done without little feet and hands in the way.  (I just noticed that I must really like the explanation point!!)  After I finished mixing up the dough tonight I decided I really should wash the dishes that were getting piled up in the sink.  I think I had Zachary wash them four times today to keep up with the mess I kept making!  It is very early on Saturday morning so I am off to bed.  Enjoy the photos!!  More to follow tomorrow!


The girls birthday’s being only six days apart we usually celebrate with one party.  This year we invited several of the girls friends but many couldn’t come.  But the ones who did show up had a great time.  We had chips, dip, punch, cake and punch balloons!  The kids ran around the apt. and the lawn and had a blast!  Afterward we went to my friends house and went swimming so it was a great end to the busy day.  My friend Stephanie took almost all of these pictures for me so I could concentrate on the party and opening the presents with the girls.  Thanks Steph! 

My favorite photos are the last few with the girls playing with Kylie’s new tea set on their new fold out couch/bed out on the lawn. 

Melody is now five years old!  Kylie is three years old!  Where did the years go??  They definately do grow up way too fast! 

Stinky Love

I was just putting the girls down for bed  and suddenly we hear some strange sounds from outside.  It is squeaking but we can’t place what on earth would be making these sounds.  I send Zachary downstairs to turn on the outside light out back.  I have seen something moving around by our patio table and can’t figure out what it is….so suddenly the light is on and sure enough it is two skunks!  I am not positive what they are doing until I come downstairs and see them up close and personal.  They are maybe five feet away from my back door and it appears to me that they are mating.  You judge for yourselves.   The first few photos are through the glass of the back door..then I opened the door and took a photo through the screen and then opened that and they didn’t seem to mind me being there and went along with their own business.  I was laughing and fearing getting sprayed at the same time. 

What a day!

So far today I have done the following:

  • Got up five minutes before my alarm clock thanks to some kids outside the window
  • Got the kids up, dressed, their hair done and fed!! 
  • Went out to the Farmers Market and stocked up on tons of veggies and a bit of fruit
  • Stopped at my in-laws to drop off tons of veggies I picked up for them at the Farmers Market..and to let the girls visit for a bit too.  (Zachary was at soccer practice with Peter)
  • Made two huge salads
  • Mixed up tomatoes and cucumbers
  • Baked two loafs of Zucchini bread
  • Made 6 dozen or so chocolate chip cookies
  • Washed the dishes once..now have to do it again since the pans are ready to be washed from the cookies and zucchini bread

Now I have to still cook up dinner, make some cards, work on some 6×6 scrapbook pages for samples, do some laundry, vacuum, put a way the clean dishes, eat dinner, make sure the kids actually eat dinner, clean up from dinner and then finally..maybe rest!!

It has been a very busy but fun day for all. 

I hope everyone else has has a very low key day compared to mine!  Enjoy the weekend!!

Busy, Busy….

Well…things have been crazy around here.  We finished school on Friday, May 9th.  Zachary told me today that he feels like he should be doing more in the mornings.  He has been in school for almost a straight 180 days!  We only took a week off for Christmas and weekends.  We will be starting up again on August 25th.  Zachary will be in 7th grade and Melody will be starting Pre-K.  I am sure it will be super easy with her as she knows so much already.  Not even four and she writes her name, can count to 50, knows her alphabet by sight and sound, can tell you all kinds of things you never would think a three year old would even care about!  She has become a bit of a problem lately though..as she is getting older and showing me her independence.  Zachary is great with her though.  When we go to the playground he stays with Melody and I stay with Kylie and they have a great time.  I have a ton of photos to post but just haven’t had the time yet to get them onto here.  Hopefully soon!! 

I have been busy on the weekends working vendor fairs and scrapbooking events.  I have one actually in about 11 hours from now!  It is raining outside and it stinks..hopefully that will end before I get ready to leave in the morning.  I am also working on a fundraiser called Scrapping for Soldiers on June 14th and I have gotten a bunch of donations so far but I am still working on a few more.  I just sent out 20 letters in the mail the other day and the only one I have heard back from is McDonalds.  They are actually doing a fundraiser on Tuesday night for the soldiers so the manager asked me to come down to hand out some flyers for my event and also to talk to her about what she can do to help out for my Scrapping for Soldiers event.  I was even in the paper on April 28th talking about this event!  I was so excited!  I have never been quoted in the paper before! 

I have also found out in the past few weeks that we will be moving soon.  There is finally a three bedroom apartment in our complex that opened up and now we are just waiting for the maintenance people to go in and repaint and fix any problems from the last people who lived there and then we can move in.  What kills me about this is we are really only moving about 100 feet from our front door now!  I am at a loss as to what to do with our stuff in the mean time though.  I did start packing some items but we don’t have a place to store them unless we put them in the basement..which is just a pain because that just means more stairs to climb to get them back out!  We will have three bedrooms and 1 1/2 bathrooms.  Which will be fabulous as we only have 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom right now.  I think once we are settled in I will start trying to potty train Kylie.  She has interest in undies already so I might as well try soon right!? 

Also going on is that I have left Top Line Creations and signed up with Close to My Heart.  Acrylic stamps and scrapbooking papers and albums.  All beautiful products.  I have a bunch of stuff for fairs and parties all ready in my head..lol.  I just have to finish up getting the things I have in my head made for people to actually see in person!  If only I had an extra 20 hours a day!  I am hoping that once we move I will set up an area to just work on my Scrapbooking items.  I have also been working on my cards so things are never dull here!! 

I am headed to bed now.  It is almost 1am and I have to get up and ready for my vendor fair/Scrap for a Cure tomorrow so I need to get some rest. 


Good night and God Bless! 

200 Posts!

Wow…it is amazing to me that I have posted apparently 200 times!  This is actually my 201st post but hey…I had a story to tell lastnight.  I am so excited to share my boring life with everyone..lol.  Things get interesting with the kids from time to time and we enjoy baking and cooking different things. 

Today is actually a pretty busy day for me.  I have a Dr’s appt. at 1pm to get an echocardiogram.  Then I am headed to my mother’s house for a short visit and to pick up some items for my Soldier.  From there I am meeting up with a woman to make some donations for a charity event in Waterbury.  It is an afternoon of haircuts for cancer.  People can donate their hair if it is long enough and you can buy items from an auction.  That is what my donations are for.  I am making donations from my three businesses. 

Speaking of my businesses…TLC has changed it ways and suddenly changed to a “Buyers Club”.  So you want to get the same discount I can get you can pay, I think it is, about $25 and be at the same level as me.  It is really sad to think they did this to us.  Apparently things weren’t working for them..with prices for paper going up and sales not what they were hoping.  So I have a ton of stock if anyone out there is interested in any scrapbooking items. 

On another note I decided to just sell off my stock to make the money back I spent on it and move on.  I signed on with Close to My Heart on Thursday night.  They had a special for former TLC reps..so I got in with a great deal.  Plus my new upline is refunding me some money back on top of the already discounted consultant kit.  It was shipped yesterday so I am really excited about getting it and playing with my new My Acrylix stamps.   

Today will be busy but tomorrow is a bit busy too.   I am headed to a town about 40 minutes away to pick up a used laptop computer for my Soldier!  This woman making the donation saved an email I had sent out before Christmas!  She emailed me this week and said she had one to give to me if I still needed one and surely I do need it.  My soldier is excited to get his own laptop as he is using someone elses at the moment.  He will be able to stay in touch with his wife and three children while he is away fighting for our freedom. 

God Bless America!

Undies Da Da!

I come home tonight around 10pm from a Lia Sophia party at a friends and as I get out of my car I hear a child screaming…my child..my little Kylie.  So I come inside and check on her and as I walk into the room I hear her yelling,

“Da Da undies, undies, undies Da Da!”

So as I walk over to where she is I notice she is holding her diaper..and is standing there with a bare bottom.  How nice! 

So I get a new fresh clean diaper on Kylie’t bottom and go in and check on why Peter didn’t get up to check on her.  So I walk in and find Melody on my half of the bed and Peter passed out on his side.  The baby monitor is on but not on very high..so I can understand he didn’t really hear her but come on…I was at the car..which is a good 100 feet from my front door and I could hear her! 

Thank goodness it wasn’t a really messy diaper!

It is now 11pm and Kylie is up having fun playing with all of her toys.  Asking for “beans” which are Jelly Beans!  She turned 21 months old on the 14th..can you believe my baby is no longer a baby! 

I am off to get her tired enough to fall asleep.  Wish me luck!

Playing catch up…

Well I am so far behind on keeping my blog updated and I am sorry for that. I really, truly mean to post silly little things that Melody says or Zachary does or Kylie just smiling and being silly..but I always get side tracked with the kids being monkeys!! Those of you who know us and have seen where we live know that our apartment is rather small for a family of FIVE!!! So with all the girls toys throughout the living room and the kitchen getting stuffed with Homeschooling stuff and Tastefully Simple samples and products…I am running out of room in here! Anyone have any suggestions on what to do? I try to organize..I really do…I usually get started or plan on it and never get very far.
I have started planning our school year and printed up some sheets to start to write up a schedule of the day for Zachary and the girls…kind of for the girls..they are still little after all…but I have to work around them too!! I decided that we will be starting school on August 20th, 2007!! If we only take two days off and the weekend for Thanksgiving and then the week of Christmas and go straight through..we will be done by May 7th! That is if we don’t do stuff on the weekend relating to school as well..so we can be done even sooner…say mid April! Can you believe it!!?? Why on earth do they need sooo many days off in public school. I liked it as a kid but also hated it because we always had to play catch up when we started back.
So here I am …1:14am and writing this blog entry. I was about to go to sleep and looked up and there it was…my least favorite little creature. A SPIDER!! I just about wanted to die. I can’t go to sleep with a spider over my head! I just can’t!! You can’t make me!! So me..being petrified of spiders..I did what most married women do..I woke up my husband. So he got up eventually…he loves his sleep..and stood up on the bed and squashed the little bugger..literally. Now once I go back upstairs I can sleep like a baby knowing my MAN saved me! He saved me from being afraid to sleep, from having nightmares and just becoming a very crabby woman because of the lack of sleep. The reason I am down here now is because my bloodsugar was low..I figured I would take the chance to write to you all quickly and then drink my strawberry milk and head up to brush my teeth again and get into bed. Seven a.m. will be here before I know it!!

We are headed to the playground tomorrow so hopefully I can post photos of that when I get home. Ta Ta for now!


So sorry I have been MIA for so long. I always plan on putting something new on here …daily..really I do..but as life throws me a few curve balls..it just doesn’t happen as often as I would like. I am up very early today. My sweet hubby woke up late and I woke up then as well…which is a good thing as my bloodsugar was only 48!! YIKES! It isn’t suppost to be below 60! So I got up, went pee and came downstairs to eat something. I ended up eating a bowl of Cinnamon Life Cereal (THANKS PATTY!). So now I am full and still tired. I should be back in bed as for once in forever, Kylie didn’t wake up at 4am! She has been doing this for a long time now and because of it I have just been wiped out. Even though I fell asleep feeding her lastnight and woke up around 2 am to put her into her crib..I am still tired! I really need to go to bed around 9pm and try to sleep till 8am…but that will NEVER happen. Anyway….with three kiddos life is rather crazy at all times. So please forgive me for not posting as often as you or I would like.