The girls birthday’s being only six days apart we usually celebrate with one party.  This year we invited several of the girls friends but many couldn’t come.  But the ones who did show up had a great time.  We had chips, dip, punch, cake and punch balloons!  The kids ran around the apt. and the lawn and had a blast!  Afterward we went to my friends house and went swimming so it was a great end to the busy day.  My friend Stephanie took almost all of these pictures for me so I could concentrate on the party and opening the presents with the girls.  Thanks Steph! 

My favorite photos are the last few with the girls playing with Kylie’s new tea set on their new fold out couch/bed out on the lawn. 

Melody is now five years old!  Kylie is three years old!  Where did the years go??  They definately do grow up way too fast! 

Happy Belated Birthday Melody!


My second baby turned 4 on Sunday!  Melody Grace had a fun day at Grandma and Grandpa’s house with family.  I would have posted yesterday but I wasn’t home!  She is very excited to be four years old now and I still can’t belive it has been four years.  My baby isn’t much of a baby any longer.  She is such a big girl helping with her little sister, tattling on her big brother..the usual middle child stuff.  I am blessed to have such beautiful children in my life. 

Happy Birthday Party!

We had the party for both Kylie and Melody this past Sunday afternoon with mostly family and a few friends.  It turned out wonderful and the weather was just beautiful!  Here are the photos of the day.   The girls had a blast and the food was wonderful!  My favorite photos are the ones at the end.  Both Peter and Kylie needed a nap!  (I needed one too but naps just aren’t a part of my life any longer…unfortunately!)

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Wow..look at my big girl!  Today she turns 2 and I truly can’t believe it has been two years already!  She is the cutest little kiddo around..well one of my three!  But she is just a ball of energy and always seems to make us smile even when are not feeling so great.  She laughs and smiles and just acts like a monkey at all times.  It truly is a joy to have her in our lives.  These photos are from the party we had on Saturday at the in-laws as a late 4th of July party/birthday party for Peter’s uncle John.  (Birthday Party photos will be posted later today)

Happy Birthday Kylie! 

Love Mom, Dad, Zachary and Melody

These are some photos of the girls birthday party invites.  Melody wants a Watermelon she said I should make watermelons on the invites too. 

I started with the little girl jumping rope..but then moved onto watermelon.  I used all Close to My Heart Stamps and paper from who knows  I have a ton to choose from!  I think they came out great! 

If you didn’t get one I am sorry but you must live just too far away to come and I ran out of time to make them.  I sent them out very late because of our move.  I wish you all could be here with us to celebrate the girls birthday party on Sunday. 

Kylie will be 2 on Monday and Melody will be 4 next Sunday!  I can’t believe my babies as so grown up! 

Another Birthday!

Today my son is 12!  I can’t believe how tall he has grown and how grown up!  I still think of him as my little man and I always will..but he is only 2 inches shorter than me!   In the following photos he is just three years old and then with my father just months before his passing and just a few minutes ago.  Boy does it go by quickly! 



My 12 Year old Man!

Happy Birthday Zachary!!

Love, Mom, Dad, Melody and Kylie




Happy Birthday!

Happy **nd Birthday Patty!
I hope it was a fabulous day for you! The sun was and still is shining and it was in the 40’s not bad!
Could have been snow!

Above is the card I made for Patty’s birthday.
Below is Patty with her oldest, Peter.

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Patty,
Happy Birthday to you!


Love your only daughter in-law, Greta XO