About ME!


Hi –

I am married to a wonderful man named Peter and we have three children.  Zachary, Melody and Kylie.

We live in Connecticut and enjoy the beautiful colors in the fall and flourishing flowers in the spring.  The weather is always playing a game out there in New England!

I decided this year, 2011-2012, will be my girls first year in public school!  No more serious homeschooling here.  I will still work with them on some things at home but not as much as we were covering before.   My oldest is now a sophomore in HIGH SCHOOL!  Wow do I feel old!

I love to take photos of everything, my kids, the sky, the grass, flowers, our messy apartment..lol.  You name it and I most likely have a photo of it!  I love to sew, read, paper craft, bake and cook for my family and friends.

Please email me with any questions:


Thanks for visiting!! 🙂

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