KCWC – Day 1

This week it’s Kid’s Clothes Week Challenge over at Elsie Marley.


I am participating this time around and so far I have spent a few hours sewing today.  I made some cute hair clips for Halloween for the girls and some sleep pants made out of flannel so they can be nice and warm all winter long.  Now I just really hope they fit when they try them on!  Pants are hard for me to make fit properly and of course I decided to make them after they went to sleep tonight!  Here are photos of the items I worked on today.

These cute ghosts I found on a blog page somewhere and thought they looked cute so I made my own version for the girls to wear to school for the month of October.  I changed the shape of the mouth and just used different ribbon and larger eyes from the original.  Because I am not selling these I don’t find it as I am taking anyone else’s product idea from them.

Next are the sleep pants.  I just used some pants that fit the girls to make patterns so hopefully they will fit just fine when they try them on in the morning.

This is a really bad iPhone pic.  My basement doesn’t have the best lighting for night time photos.

Here they are in the living room using the flash.  I can actually see the fabrics..lol.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get at least one shirt made for one of the girls.  I am really hoping to get two done so they can each have one but we shall see.  I will be using a tutorial  for a reglan tee from Jess at  Craftiness Is Not Optional.   I already picked out the fabrics.  🙂

Time for bed..I need to get up in a few hours to get the kids to school.  See ya tomorrow!

UPDATE:  Of course..they don’t fit over their hips.  Not even thinking I used knit pants to use as a template..they stretch.  The flannel doesn’t stretch so I can’t get them up over their hips and butts.  DUH moment for me.  I knew better but didn’t think that far ahead!  I may try to cut out the top of the pants and sew in a new section to see if that works..lol.

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