Book Review: Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones

I received this book from and fell in love with the characters in this story.  Lucy Wiltshire runs a non-profit (Saving Grace) for girls who have aged out of the foster care system and Alex Sinclair is a rich, former professional football star who is now running for Congress.

Lucy is a woman determined to help these poor girls as they have no where to live and no family help on their side.  So she started the non-profit to help them out and runs it on donations and grants!  Many come from local businesses and the state and town.  When Sinclair Enterprises decides to cut her huge donation to pennies she is scrambling to try to find a way to save the Saving Grace girls!  She goes to the local gala to try to change the minds of members of the board of Sinclair Enterprises and ends up making a complete fool of herself.  In her running off she is consoled by Alex Sinclair who she hates for being a part of a family that wants to basically shut down Saving Grace to build a parking garage!  The next day there are photos in the papers with his jacket on her shoulders and them embracing.  This leads to all kinds of false stories going around that they are dating!!

Because Alex is trying to win the vote for Congress it appears that the photos of him with Lucy have really raised his likability numbers towards the upcoming vote!!  He then comes up with what he thinks is a great idea  for Lucy to pose as his fiancée in return for the money she desperately needs!!  He offers her more than enough money to continue with Saving Grace for years to come by pretending to date and get engaged to the man she hates!  After more things happen to make her loose hope of saving, Saving Grace, she gives in.

To her surprise she starts to have feelings for Alex after learning more and more about him on their dates.  As a surprise to Alex himself, he is starting to have feelings for Lucy too!  Maybe this wedding will happen in the end?  Who knows..unless you decide to read this wonderful book!  🙂

You can find the book here.   Enjoy!  It was a quick read and fun to see what happens to them both throughout the story.  (It also gets much deeper than I have told you about here!)

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