I have been MIA lately and I am sorry for anyone who may have been looking forward to my daily photos.  I apparently just can’t keep up with that anymore so I will post as often as I can from now on.  I am going to include a bunch of photos in this post to kind of make up for any that were passed over during my time missing in action.  When I was going through my pictures I apparently picked out a ton of them so it may take some time to open up all of the following photos.  To see them bigger just click on them!  🙂

One thought on “4/5/11

  1. Adrianna says:

    Hi there! I saw the comment you left at CINO and thought I’d try to answer your question, but I don’t have your email. Anyway, you can make a casing on the inside of the garment (at empire waist or where ever – this even works to make girl’s pj pants gathered at the ankle). Just grab a leftover strip of fabric if you’re using knit or a non-scratchy ribbon, or bias tape that’s been pressed open. Really you just need something as long as the circumference of your garment, slightly wider than the elastic you intend to use, and something that won’t fray.

    Then just stitch it onto the inside of the garment at the top and bottom of your strip, leaving a space open to insert the elastic. I find that a ruler and a water-soluble pen work great to mark the exact lines for placement.

    good luck! I love all your recent sewing projects, btw! And I’m super jealous of your fun sewing books!

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