This morning I got up after receiving a text saying that school was closed.  Zachary was already up and I didn’t quite know why since he is never up that early.  He said he woke up to nightmares of being stabbed to death in his own bed!!!  It makes me wonder if I have been letting him read too much lately!  Or if it is this cold he has picked up.  He has a fever and body aches and pains.  Yesterday his nose wouldn’t stop running for anything but today it is fine!

Melody on the other hand has been fighting a fever for three days now.  It goes up to about 103 and then with the use of Motrin or Tylenol…we ran out of Motrin so only Tylenol now..it goes back down to normal.  She has been a little stuffy and congested too but not too bad.  The part that worries me the most is she has no appetite at all!!  It is hard enough with the little she does eat but to not eat at all worries me.

So I am asking for your prayers that everyone feels better in my home.


Peter is also sick and has been for a few days.  Stuffy, congested, coughing, achy and just icky feeling.  He seemed a bit better yesterday after a good night sleep so I am hoping for even better today!

One thought on “1/18/11

  1. Sharon Pipke says:

    I hope Peter, Melody and Zachary feel 100% better now. I hope you don’t catch any colds, or anything else.
    Did you have a nice Easter, even though most of you felt sick?

    I missed seeing all of you.


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