The other day I came across this blog post:  http://pennycarnival.typepad.com/penny_carnival/2009/02/tutorial-hanging-book-display.html and I jumped at the opportunity to make some of my own!  We have a BILLION books in our apartment and we ran out of space for them a long time ago.  But yet we still keep getting them!  In my bedroom we have some shelves over our bed that I store some of my books on but it makes me nervous as that pile keeps getting bigger!  So this will be perfect once it is up on the wall.  I was going to do it myself tonight but the way our apartment is built nothing is the way it should be so I wanted Peters help making sure it was up properly and didn’t fall the moment I put some book in it.  The color in this picture is absolutely HORRIBLE!  Taken in my bedroom at night with no natural light and only one light bulb shining on it isn’t helping the colors at all!  It is a white fabric with navy blue circle things and an almost purple/blue stripe.  I am hoping that tomorrow after Peter gets up I can convince him to get these hung up for me so I can really show you how nice they look.  We have had one wall bare since we moved in because there really isn’t enough space between the wall and the bed to put a full book case so this is really a dream come true for me to store some of my book collection in a pretty way!


One thought on “1/4/11

  1. Julie says:

    I like it!!! I love that idea! I need to do something in Daniel’s room. Something like this might be the answer!

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