Look at what I made today!  When Melody woke up this morning I had her come with me into the basement to pick out the fabric she wanted for her jammies.  She was determined to use that striped one and the ballerinas so I said ok..and now it actually looks really cute together!  She LOVES it and put it on as soon as I was finished sewing it all together.


What I love is that the girls are almost in the same sizes so when I bought this pattern the smallest size is a 7 which is what Melody would be wearing  and what is a tiny big big on Kylie.  But since they are the same size both Melody’s and Kylie’s new jammies are interchangeable and they are both excited about sharing.  I actually took the sleeves from the long sleeved shirt and added it to the nightgown to keep them both warm in during the winter months.  I will make it with short ruffle sleeves for the summer.

Here the girls are both ready for bed.  Kylie never even took her jammies off today.  She flat out refused and honestly since we were staying home I didn’t care.  Tomorrow we will start fresh!  LOL


The pattern I used to make these both is:

Simplicity 2831

One thought on “299/365

  1. Sharon Pipke says:

    Greta, you do such good work sewing, the jammies look nice and warm.

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