Kylie’s newest nightgown.  It is made with flannel that I picked up at JoAnn’s and at Wal-Mart.  The one with the peanut butter and Jelly is called PB&J!  IT is really cute on here as well but I haven’t gotten that picture quite yet.  I made a size 7 and it actually fits her great.  The sleeves are a tiny bit long but they really fit well if she just puts her hands through the ends and leaves them there!  I had Melody try it on too and it fits her perfectly as well so this pattern will be used MANY times!  I am using the smallest size it has right now so this one can last years and years to come.  Next will be Melody’s new jammies!

Kylie wearing her new jammies right after her shower, before bed 10/24/2010.


One thought on “297/365

  1. Julie says:

    you have been BUSY!!!! The girls look like they are enjoying all the stuff! =D

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