103 – 114/365

I have had a ton of problems uploading photos for the past week or so and just found a way to do it today!  The pictures can usually tell their own story but if you aren’t sure just ask!  🙂  Thanks for visiting!


2 thoughts on “103 – 114/365

  1. Greta says:

    Ok..so I decided to just tell you all here:
    Starting from the top left –
    Melody being grumpy
    Flowers in the garden
    The girls smiling an being just so cute on the front steps.
    The pattern I got for only .99 cents and made a cute ice cream cone fabric dress for Melody.
    Melody’s new blanket
    Kylie READING a book! She has really started reading like crazy at only 3 years old!!
    Momma and baby bears out back in the yard.
    Detail on Melody’s new dress
    Washing all of the barbies
    Bear cub that was only 12 inches away from me! (Through the glass door!)
    Stacks of free books we got from another homeschooler…lots of classics!
    The few tulips that I moved down here when we moved.
    The strawberry pie I made yesterday!

  2. Julie says:

    lol! those Barbies!! lol!!!

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