I have been busy again today.  I completed two cards and a two page layout and pulled a card from my stash to send out as well. 

The owl card is for a little girl you can read more about here on Dustin Pike’s blog.   

The sympathy card is for my dear friend Julia who lost her father to cancer a few days ago. 

The card I pulled from my stash I can’t show yet as it is a birthday card for my sister in-law Katherine.  🙂  Hi Kat!

Finally, the layout is for a challenge set up by New England Scrapbook Co. in Canton, CT.  I am going to bring it down to them soon and they will have it on display from March 2 – 11th and the winner will be announced on the 12th.  The winners are chosen by the customers of the store so PLEASE GO AND VOTE FOR ME!!  I will send out a reminder as it gets closer to the date. 


One thought on “47/365

  1. patty says:

    Fun to see all these projects that keep you up most of the night!!! Nice work!

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