So finally, I can share all of the gifts I made for my dear friend Julie.  Today there was a surprise baby shower for her and boy was it a surprise!  🙂  Fun was had by all! 

These are the gifts I made or purchased for Julie.  I made all but the baby books and the duckie blanket and burp cloth.  Those were made by Bevie.  If you are interested in some of those for yourself let me know and I will have Bevie get in touch.  (The blanket is flannel and HUGE! One of my favorite gifts from my own baby shower almost six years ago was a blanket made by Bevie!)  Oh and I didn’t make the Blue’s Clues bib. 

The following are the handmade card, n0-sew blanket, baby cloth diapers with ribbons sewn on by me and a foldable scrapbook made with three 12×12 pieces of cardstock, some designer paper, cardboard and a few extra Close to my Heart products. 


2 thoughts on “45/365

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you, Greta! That was so fun and it was wonderful to have so many friends in one place at one time! =) You are one creative lady! I absolutely adore the stuff you made me. Thank you!!!

  2. Tricia says:

    What beautiful gifts! Julie and that new little one are very blessed to have you.

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