Today Zachary and I helped out a little bird.  One of our neighbors cats was out on the prowl and attached this little bird.  We scared the cat away and put the bird in a box to protect it from the wind.  I even put in some bird food to help it hopefully calm down.  It was shivering and it worried me a bit.  When it finally calmed down we went back outside to find it standing back up and walking around the box.  So I folded down the flaps to the sides and it flew away!  🙂  Happy bird!  Come to find out it is a red breasted nuthatch.  Thanks to my friend Debbi! 

This photo was taken right after we saved it from the cat.  I put it on the piece of wood that was dry before we got the box out to keep it warm.  Such a pretty bird.  Zachary helped me by moving it for me and such..I have a thing about touching wild animals!  Hopefully, since it flew away on it’s own, it will be fine.


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