Another Butterfly Card

Melody helped me make this card.  She chose the card base, butterfly (from CTMH stamp set C1299 Butterfly Kiss) and colors for the paper on the front and the ink used for the sentiment.  She is sending this card to her new pen pal in Canada, Melody!  Yes she has the exact same first name!  You can find more info about our new friend here:  I have been sending her occasional cards to help her reach her card goal of 500 cards and even have heard back from her a few times online and now directly to Melody through a written letter! 

Here is a close up of the butterfly and the sparkles! 

I put in a few extras such as stickers and things to cut out and glue to decorate of butterflies and flowers and even some dog foot prints and bones.  Melody in Canada has a new puppy!  🙂

If you get a chance go and visit her blog and her mailing address is posted right there after you read some of her story.  Maybe take the time to pick out or make your own card to send to her as well.  I feel blessed to be able to put a smile on a little girls face with the simple act of sending a card.


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