Did somebody say COOKIES??!!??

Today I started my Christmas cookie baking and boy did I get a lot done!  I started with homemade peanut butter cups ..I made 32 of those.  Then I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and made about 9 dozen of those!!  Then I made a double batch of sugar cookies and put it in the fridge to chill while we went to dinner at the in-laws.  They usually save some of their ornaments for the kids to help decorate their tree!  The kids love it and I find it so sweet that they want to let the kids “decorate” their tree!  LOL  We had a nice dinner of pizza and salad and the kids decorated the tree a bit and then we had some chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cups and ice cream for dessert!  The girls had a blast with this idea!  I took several photos of the evening so look below and enjoy!  After the visit we came home and Peter got the girls in bed and I baked up the sugar cookies that were in the fridge.  Then after that was done I mixed up the dough..yet another double batch of chocolate crinkle cookies!  I will bake those in the morning before we go to a family Christmas party at my brother’s house!  We are due for snow tomorrow so that may or may not happen but hopefully it won’t start till later at night.  I still have gifts..lots of them..to wrap and lots more baking to get finished this weekend!  Peter wants to take the kids with him out on Sunday to go shopping for me..lol..and then I can get stuff done without little feet and hands in the way.  (I just noticed that I must really like the explanation point!!)  After I finished mixing up the dough tonight I decided I really should wash the dishes that were getting piled up in the sink.  I think I had Zachary wash them four times today to keep up with the mess I kept making!  It is very early on Saturday morning so I am off to bed.  Enjoy the photos!!  More to follow tomorrow!

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