Illness update

Today has been a very long day to say the least. I slept through most of it though because I didn’t sleep for the few nights I was in the hospital. When I did get up I was very light headed and dizzy and just wanted to crawl back into bed. I didn’t do that though and took a shower to hopefully help..but it didn’t work as I would have hoped. Still fighing this ickyness with back pain from the hospital bed and the feeling of nausea throughout the day. I did eat a very small sandwich for lunch and hope to eat something for dinner…although I am not sure what since my stomach isn’t very happy with me once it has food in it. I also have a feeling my body is going through drug withdrawls since they had me on morphine for the first two days I was in the hospital for pain. I had lots of drugs pumping through my system the entire time I was there it could be even the mixtures of drugs that is making it hard to go back to feeling normal. I have had a migraine and runny nose all day. I think the nose problem is also from the dry air in the hospital..I could barely blow my nose the entire time and it was very sore and still is now. My nose is so dried out it looks like I had a nasty burn and it is peeling. I have tried everything on it but I will just have to wait it out I guess. I am also still very exhausted and I hope to get the kids to bed early tonight so I can go to sleep early too. I don’t think I have ever prayed for sleep so much in my life. This morning when I got up I also felt bit of nausea so thank goodness they gave me medicine for that and it has helped. I have been fighing a fever all day as well as the Dr’s thought that I would be for atleast the next few days. They weren’t able to break it while I was there at all. So along with the 6 pills I have to take a day for the next week I also have to take tylenol to try to fight this fever. Never ending illness drama in my world right now. I am off to try to find something to possibly eat….not so sure what yet ..but hopefully something. I hardly ate at the hospital too. I lost about six pounds just from not eating and peeing so much. I still have to drink a ton as well to try to pass the two smaller stones that are in my kidneys as well. Pray they don’t get any bigger or cause any more pain.

One thought on “Illness update

  1. Debbie House says:

    GRETA.. I am so sorry to just find out that you were in the hospital,, I have been so busy with my own dh and his foot that ulcered.. having to make 3 trips a week for the foot surgery has worn me out, then he got the flu… blah blah , you know all that seems to come our way.. But anyway.. Bless your heart to have such pain and those stones,, I had that one and they hurt so bad.. I hope that you continue to get your strength back and get your kidneys free of them.. Yes remember I had the morphine withdrawls after I had that emergency gallbladder surgery… NOT fun.. I am off the morphine totally for a year now. I am on tramadol for the knee pain and try to use it as little as possible as it is addicting. I was archiving the photos and such and checking links and tidying up the website and when I clicked on your website I saw you had been in the hospital.. Little hugs and squeezes for you..Love all those photos of the family and snow.. Debbie House

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