From Peanuts to the Pressbox by Eli Gold

As a reviewer for Thomas Nelson Book Reviews ( ) I got a chance to read From Peanuts to the Pressbox and found it to be quite interesting.

I had always associated Eli Gold with Nascar and had never realized how many different sports he has been involved with in his career. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, nascar, college basketball and college football! This book describes in vivid detail the highs and the lows associated with a crazy, hectic announcers lifestyle. Many humorous anecdotes are sprinkled throughout the book. Two things I didn’t like were the timeline wasn’t always straight throughout and sort of jumped around a bit. Also, very often a picture associated with a particular story finds its way onto a page ten pages after the story. It would have been helpful to have the actual photos directly along with the stories or in one complete section in the back. I loved all the funny stories he shares about all the famous people he has met over the years. Such as Neil Armstrong, Bear Bryant, Jeff Gordon (a favorite of mine), Dale Earnhardt and Bob Costas! The stories he can tell just have you laughing so hard you are crying! Traveling on buses, staying in many hotel rooms and travleing around the entire country throughout the many years of being an announcer. I give this book 4 stars! Get it for the sports enthusiast in your family for Christmas!

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