Happy Halloween!

This year Kylie had the option of being a ladybug or Snow White.  Melody choose to be Snow White.  An hour before we left Kylie said she wanted to be a ladybug.  So I pulled that costume out ..again.  Then when I was about to get her dressed she changed her mind again and decided to be Snow White!  What a crazy hour of the day that was!  So in the end I had two Snow White girls and they LOVED IT!  I bought them some capes online that are all sparkly and they loved having those on too.  I should have taken a photo from behind!  The dress Kylie is wearing was hand made by my mother in-law several years ago for her own daughters.  It was wonderful to be able to have it for Kylie to wear and she loved her dress!  Thank you Patty!  Melody loved wearing her dress-up Snow White dress for the night because it was all poofy and sparkly!  She has been wearing that cape every day since it was delivered!  At the end of the night the girls put on their new Halloween jammies and got to enjoy another treat or two before bed.  Tooth brushing and tucking in happened very early for Kylie though as she decided it was time for her to go to sleep early that night.  She must have just used up so much energy all night long that she finally realized it was time.  She went up and Zachary helped her brush her teeth and he tucked her into bed.  She didn’t even want Peter or myself!  She does love her big brother!  Melody got to stay up to her normal bedtime and enjoyed the time with just Peter and I for awhile before bed.  Zachary decided that since he is now 13 he was too old to be dressing up but he came with us anyway and still got candy!  He wasn’t dissapointed there!  Thank you to all of our family members who went out to get candy for the kids.  They love it! 


3 thoughts on “Happy Halloween!

  1. patty says:

    Love those pjs!!! Glad everyone had a good Halloween!

  2. Amy says:

    Cute! I’m glad they had a good time.

  3. Julie says:

    Looks like fun =)

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