What’s He Really Thinking by Paula Rinehart – Review

I received “What’s He Really Thinking?” to review and thought..wow..I will finally be able to understand my husband and not always wonder why he does the things he does. After starting this book I was really not drawn into it and it was a very hard read. If you are one looking for an answer..yeah maybe you might find something but personally it was a waste of time for me. I honestly didn’t learn a thing about my husband or myself in reading this book. It was a total disappointment. With the author, Paula Rinehart, being a counselor I kind of expected some babble and rambling of brain waves and hormones but honestly I had the hardest time just getting through this book. 169 pages of book and then a section in the back where it has questions you can ask your other half or father, friend, brother..whoever it is you want to get to understand better that is the male species. So to me it was like a school book and bored me to the point of putting it down and forgetting about it.  If you have problems or wonder about your husband, father or brother then just try to open up communication and take care of it yourself.  Don’t bother spending your money on this book.

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