Stinky Love

I was just putting the girls down for bed  and suddenly we hear some strange sounds from outside.  It is squeaking but we can’t place what on earth would be making these sounds.  I send Zachary downstairs to turn on the outside light out back.  I have seen something moving around by our patio table and can’t figure out what it is….so suddenly the light is on and sure enough it is two skunks!  I am not positive what they are doing until I come downstairs and see them up close and personal.  They are maybe five feet away from my back door and it appears to me that they are mating.  You judge for yourselves.   The first few photos are through the glass of the back door..then I opened the door and took a photo through the screen and then opened that and they didn’t seem to mind me being there and went along with their own business.  I was laughing and fearing getting sprayed at the same time. 

3 thoughts on “Stinky Love

  1. Kirsten says:

    I think I would be getting me some traps! :o) I’d loan your ours, but ya know… Fun fun!

  2. Mel M. M. M. says:

    heeheehee. Skunk love, so cute. Great photo montage. Thanks for the giggle! :O)

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