My Daddy

My father was a huge part of my life growing up.  He was always there for me.  He understood me.  He hung out with me and spent tons of time with me and Zachary after he was born.  He was truly a wonderful father.  He taught me to cook.  How to take care of a home.  He was my idol, my rock, my favorite person in the world.  He died nine years ago and not a day goes by that I still don’t feel his presence in my life.  He would have been 67 this year on June   It breaks my heart to know that because of a car accident he is no longer here to be a part of my life and my childrens life.  They do know who he is though..I have several photos of him around the house and the kids all know he is their Grandpa.  He will always be around in one way or another. 


Myself, Zachary and my father, Walter – January 21, 2000 – My birthday…

only a little over a month before his accident and two months before his death.Dad and Me - 1978   My father and myself in 1978 – After we moved into our T-ville home.

DAD AND ME - 1979

I think this one is from 1979 at my Grandmother’s house at Christmas maybe? 

I can’t remember exactly the event.  My Barbie is kissing my father’s cheek. 


Dad sleeping with Zachary, August 1996 – Zachary was two months old.

Dad with Zachary - age 4 months

Zachary and my father with him at about 6 months old..he got big fast! 

I love this picture because they are both wearing white t-shirts and grey sweat pants. 


Zachary and Dad on the front steps enjoying some popcorn while my father was working on

something ..I think the front door.  Zachary loved spending time with his Grandpa. 

 He was always with him and truly loved him with his entire heart. 

This was only a few months before his death.

Dad with Zachary - 1999


I love you Daddy and I miss you dearly.  My God hold you in his arms and keep you enveloped with our love forever.

7 thoughts on “My Daddy

  1. Hi Greta, thinking of you today. I cannot imagine life without my Dad, I’m sure yours is still with you in spirit. Take Care Love and Hugs Hazelxox

  2. Patty says:

    Greta, a beautiful tribute to your Dad! Some of these photos of Zachary I’ve never seen before – THANKS for sharing. It’s sad that Melody and Kylie won’t know your dad the way Zachary does. Keep blogging!!!

  3. Julie says:

    That was beautiful…

  4. Katherine says:

    Greta, great pictures of your dad – so sorry that he has missed all the recent years with you guys. I loved seeing Zachary as a little guy – so cute!

  5. maresi says:

    Greta, thanks so much for posting this tribute and the wonderful photos – I’m sorry I never got to meet your dad. He sounds like a wonderful person and like others have said it’s a shame Melody and Kylie will not have experiences with him the way Zachary did. I’m glad you have these pictures and can tell the girls and remind Zachary how fantastic your dad was.

  6. Amy says:

    Lovely tribute and great photos, Greta! Thinking of you and hoping you find joy in the memories.

  7. DIANA says:

    Great pictures I have a very similar one of me sleeping on his belly too!

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