UGH..the weather stinks!

This is the forcast for the next week here. I find it to be miserable! I actually had my crocus flowers up and fully bloomed already and even my daffodils! I have a bunch of flowers growing like crazy and I hope with this horrible weather we are expecting..well horrible in my book..that they don’t all die! I put a lot of work into my flower garden and I have a bunch of bulbs still to plant! I just hope that next week looks a lot better than this week does!


Hi: 51°Lo: 36° T’stormsHourly


Hi: 45°Lo: 29° 50% Chance Snow ShowerHourly


Hi: 44°Lo: 27° 50% Chance Snow Shower


Hi: 48°Lo: 29° 30% Chance Snow Shower


Hi: 50°Lo: 34° 40% Chance of Snow


Hi: 49°Lo: 29°50% Chance Snow Shower


Hi: 51° Partly Sunny


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