Lately that is the word that can explain most of my days, Frustrated!  I have a tween boy who seems to think that what I say isn’t the way to he talks back and just doesn’t do it.  Which in turn drives me nuts!  I love him and I appreciate the help he gives when he does help but it isn’t often enough in my book.  

Melody being 4 and thinking so much about being 5 in a few months is starting to get very whiney and just complaining a LOT!  She also doesn’t like to listen much anymore.  Once in a while she will surprise me but otherwise she is trying to be little miss independent all the time. 

Kylie I think is starting to feel icky from two new molars that are coming in so she has been crabby and not eating much at all.  She and I actually took a bit of a nap this evening on the couch.  I wasn’t feeling too hot myself so I layed down to try to get a few minutes of shut eye and she came and cuddled right up under the blanket with me and we both fell asleep.  It is nice to know that I can still take a nap with my little girl. 

Yesterday on our way home from Royal Rangers and Missionettes I got the kids into the car and then went to get in to warm it up…Pop…the door stop spring pops out and falls on the ground.  The then caused the problem of not being able to even shut my door.  The weather wasn’t any fun either..freezing cold and super windy and snowing!!  I had the girls covered up with blankets in the car thank goodness and they were fine..but I was loosing my mind.  Thank goodness there were still several dads around from the group pick ups and one of them was able to push in the part that was getting in the way and I was able to shut my door.  Now I have to be careful to not hit someones car when I open my door!But it still works thank goodness.  I already have plans to bring it into the shop on Tuesday of next week so hopefully they can fix this little problem too!  It is just never ending with this vehicle!   

Anyway..with all of this crazyness going on we are going to Borders tomorrow to celebrate Elmo’s 3rd Birthday!  🙂  I think the girls will love it, Zachary will be able to look around for a book or two for himself as well.  Peter plans on stopping at Bob’s stores to see if they have any boots that he can wear at work..he has a coupon good for the first week of we will be just looking this time. 

Lets now just say that I really enjoy when the kids go to bed!  It is the only time it is quiet around here!  Being a stay at home mom is wonderful and stressful at the same time.  I love my children dearly and enjoy educating them but boy can I use a day or two off once in a while!

4 thoughts on “Frustrated…

  1. Julie says:

    🙂 I hear you. I hope things feel better soon.

  2. Penny Duncan says:

    Please check out my blog I’ve given you something that is WELL deserved!!!
    Penny Duncan

  3. Hazel says:

    Hi Greta, found you at last, pop over to my blog to collect an award, Hazelxo

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