Well life as always around here is busy.  Schooling, cooking, cleaning, running errands, going to events…it is never ending..but boy is it fun! 

Today my friend Julianna came over with her son and the kids played while she and I made apple pies!  It is a recipe I have used for years and it always comes out perfect!  We made two for her, two for my in-laws and three for my family.  I cut into one tonight and brought Peter a piece at work, Zachary and I each had a piece and the rest it out to be eaten in the next two days at the latest.  I doubt it will last even that long!  I did freeze one..lets hope it comes out as well when I thaw it back out in a few week!  The apples we used are from a family members trees…we picked and picked to get the best for apple pies, applesauce and apple jam!  All super yummy stuff!! 

This is only five of the seven made today.  Boy did it smell nice in here all day long!  Still does actually..apples and cinnamon..the best smell in the world when it is fresh pies!  🙂 

I am hoping in the next few days to get some more applesauce made to freeze up for the fall and winter months and maybe even some more apple jam. 

Fall is in the air but we have been lucky so far..nice luke warm days still and cool nights..nothing super cold quite yet.  The fall leaves are all changing and falling.  Beautiful colors outside…I really need to take some pictures of that to share!  The kids love going over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to jump in the leaves!

One thought on “Life….

  1. Julie says:

    Those look good! Thanks for having us over!

    You know, I wasn’t hungry or even thinking about food, but now the pie on the counter is calling me!!! lol!

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