Big E Photos… it is taking me much longer than I thought to go through the over 700 photos I took that one day and to put only the good ones on my blog.  I am sorry for those who have been waiting..but hopefully I can get it done tonight after the kids are in bed.  There are just way to many of them to pick out only a I am doing the best I can to cut it down to about 100 of the 700 photos!  Not so sure that will happen but I am really trying.  We have been busy with soccer and school work and playing and crafting and just hanging out as a family.  Playing games and cuddling and reading books.  Such is my life.  XO

2 thoughts on “Big E Photos…

  1. Julie says:

    Oh, wwaaaaaaa! I saw the title in my feed reader thing and I thought to photos were up!! It’s hard to pick out the good ones! No pressure from me- I know what it’s like, but I am looking forward to them!!! Sounds like you’ve been super busy too and it sounds great: Playing games and cuddling and reading books.


  2. Mel M. M. M. says:

    Hi Greta, Than you so much for visiting my blog & cuttlebug list. I was editing and messed up by hitting save as draft. Long story short, I fixed it and it works now. Sorry! and thank you also for letting me know! :O)


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