Kylie’s silliness..

Lately these are the things that Kylie has been saying:

That was awesome Mom!  (After she ate her dinner tonight!)

Let’s go on the train…choo choo coming through!

I love you so much!

I missed you so much!  (To Daddy when he gets home from work!)

Marie on my belly button.  (She is wearing jammies with Marie  the girl cat from Aristocats.)

She now also sings to her baby dolls:

Rock a bye Baby, Pat a Cake, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Happy Birthday, Mary Had a Little Lamb and Row Row Row Your Boat

All of it is just the cutest thing to hear my two year old singing and talking so much.  She truly is adorable!

One thought on “Kylie’s silliness..

  1. Julie says:

    Good girl! It’s so cute to hear all that, isn’t it? Great picture of her!

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