Happy Birthday Party!

We had the party for both Kylie and Melody this past Sunday afternoon with mostly family and a few friends.  It turned out wonderful and the weather was just beautiful!  Here are the photos of the day.   The girls had a blast and the food was wonderful!  My favorite photos are the ones at the end.  Both Peter and Kylie needed a nap!  (I needed one too but naps just aren’t a part of my life any longer…unfortunately!)


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Party!

  1. maresi says:

    WHAT FUN! The girls look so cute in their dresses and I love the costumes. The cake looks awesome, you did such a nice job! Wish we could have been there too. Can’t wait to see you all.

  2. Julie says:

    Thanks for inviting us. We had such a nice time! I like to last pictures too- very cute!

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