Oh My Goodness….

Ok..so I have been really busy the past week and have had a tough couple of days the past few because of illness with myself and Melody. 

For those of you who really don’t want to know the inner workings of a woman..STOP READING NOW! 


For the past few days Melody has been going up to the bathroom ..what seems like..every five minutes.  Nothing really comes out but she goes and sits.  So I called the Dr. because I thought ..oh no..not a UTI!!!  Sure enough..we went yesterday and got her to pee in the cup and it was positive for a UTI.  So the Dr. prescribed some liquid medicine and Melody flat out refused to take it.  “No thank you!  I don’t feel like it!  I don’t want it!”  These words I have heard more times in the past 12 hours than really necessary.  So last night Peter and I basically tried to force her to take it….to no avail..as she just threw it all back up..cheez-its and all.  YUCK!  Then this morning when I tried to give it to her she faught me tooth and nail.  I tried being nice and offering treats.  I tried taking things away such as tv and toys.  I tried forcing her take it.  She would just spit it out. So I called the Dr. after trying for about 40 minutes and they said they could give her a different medicine but there was no guarantee it would work and it taste even worse than the one she is taking.  The one she is on now taste like a grape lollypop..so I have no idea why she is so fussy about it.  The other one would have been a chewable.  So I went upstairs while she was on the potty and tried again.  And tried and tried and tried.  Till finally she took it!  YAY!  Now lets hope and pray she takes it the next 9 1/2 days!  She has to take this twice a day for 10 days!  IT is going to be a very long 10 days.

I also called my Dr. yesterday because of some problems I have been having and she thinks that I have adenomyosis.  I have all but one symptom and have had an ultrasound to check already and the Dr. found that my uterus is the size of a woman who is 13 weeks pregnant!  (NO I am not pregnant..I got my tubes tied with my last c-section.)  So I have basically the option to get an MRI to make sure that really is what I have and after that a hysterectomy.  The thought of it is strange and uncomfortable..but the way I look at it is this…I will never have to deal with a crazy period for the rest of my life!  (I am on 27 days with it right now!!!)  So it is a bit scary but exciting at the same time for me.  I will be done with all of the problems I have had for years and years and years and be able to enjoy life a bit more without worry. 

Then also I found out yesterday that we will most likely be finally moving into our 3 bedroom apartment!  The housing inspector was due to be here at 9am today and if all goes well and after my walk through everything is good we will start moving boxes in this afternoon!!!  So it will be a very busy couple of days around here so if I am missing yet again  you will all know why. 

Thanks for reading..and sorry to get so graphic about the women’s stuff..but trying to keep it real here. 

2 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness….

  1. patty says:

    Glad you had some success with Melody’s medication!! Wishes for continued success with THAT!!! Hysterectomy isn’t the worst thing in the world – once you recover, you should feel lots better. Can’t wait to see the new apt. – hope all works out VERY WELL today!!!!

  2. Julie says:

    You have had some rough days! I hope things start looking up- and best wishes for your health and everything too.

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