Over the past weekend we were having a hot spell…around 95* or higher each day with tons of humidity.  Just plain YUCKY outside.  We mostly stayed inside with the air conditioner blowing cool air on us…ate popsicles and then I decided we needed to get the kids outside in the sprinkler.  Well yesterday was the day.  The girls were very excited to go outside and Zachary didn’t want to go outside at all….that is until his friends started running through the sprinkler! 

These are the few photos I took..the kids had a great time!  I think Kylie had the most fun of any of them.  She would go up to the sprinkler and just spray people or water the tree that she was standing next was a riot!  Kylie got a little bit of a sun burn on her shoulders and I did on my shoulders and face.  Zachary came in soaked from head to toe and the girls were just wiped out.  I didn’t give Kylie a nap yesterday so we could go out into the sprinkler.  She ended up falling asleep in her highchair and just crashed for the whole night..8pm till 9am!  That is not normal for her..but I guess without her 2-3 hour nap it does change things a bit. 

Today was a little cooler outside and I finshed the border on the garden and the kids just took it easy.  Tomorrow we will be running errands most of the day.  Oh so much fun!  Hopefully we can get things done quickly and  can get home to make some potato chip cookies! 


One thought on “HOT!!

  1. Julie says:

    That looks like fun! I’m thinking of finding a sprinkler for Daniel. Stay cool!

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