My life lately…

The photos in this post represent my life lately.  Topsy turvy and crazy!  We are in the process of moving..but it seems like it will NEVER happen as the apartment we are moving into hasn’t even been cleaned up yet from the last tenants and they moved out a MONTH ago!

I have started my new business, Close to My Heart, and so far things are looking up in that area.  I sent out an email about a fabulous special that is running from June 3 – 30th and I already have a party booked from it!  Right now buy two stamp sets and get ONE FREE!!  How great is that!  You can save up to $22.95!

I am still in the packing process as we don’t have a set date for our move yet and it is kind of upsetting as we have to let the phone and electric companies know a week ahead to transfer our service.  So at this rate we may not be moving till next month!  We have things planned every weekend it seems this month so moving is going to have to be pushed off if they keep going like this.  We have boxes all around our apartment right now and I am afraid to pack to many as we may need what I pack up as we aren’t moving quite yet!  It is just getting a bit crazy for me.  I have been working on transferring my garden down there and planting all the bulbs I have had planted in our garden here for the past five years.   You never realize just how many you may have until you have to dig them up and move them!  I am only about half way done and I have moved over 300 bulbs!  Some may be small but geez!!  I also have a bunch of vegetable plants I started from seed I need to plant before they die in the little greenhouse we have in the kitchen.  I really hope they do well and thrive and we will have fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions, broccoli and parsley.  Half of our garden in the front will have flowers and the other half will be vegetables!  I have even cleaned up in the back of our new apartment as the people that lived there prior just left the mess from the previous renters.  It wasn’t pretty but it is really looking nice now. 

Peter and I went away last weekend for our anniversary which was May 31st.  Five years ago we were married!  We went back up to Boothbay Harbor, Maine and had a wonderful visit.  We went on a whale watch and only saw a few whales but it was still great fun..but cold!  We went Friday through Monday and my wonderful in-laws took the kids for the weekend and had a great time as well.  Then on Thursday we went to Lake Compounce and the kids really had a great time.  WE found a few games that the girls could play that they loved and the kiddy rides were a  HUGE hit!  I have a couple thousand photos to post and I will hopefully be able to post them all later today.  But I need to get some stuff done right now. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Leave me a comment so I know you were here!

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