I found out today..well yesterday now…it is 12:40am….that we will be moving!  They are hoping to have that apartment cleaned up and ready for us to move in by mid week next week!   Which is great and all BUT…Peter and I are going away this weekend to revisit our honeymoon spot in Boothbay Harbor, Maine…and we won’t be back till Monday.  We are planning on a nice trip and also a trip out to see the whales!  Then Peter will work Tues. and Wed. and Thursday we are headed to Lake Compounce for the day with the discount tickets we got because we HOMESCHOOL!  YAY!  Friday, Peter returns to work and Saturday..which is really our 5th wedding anniversary I am a vendor at a “Cropping for Charity” event a few towns over from 9am till 9pm!!!  The office manager would love it if we could be moved in by June 2nd!  Where exactly am I going to be able to find the time to pack and move everything the whole 100 feet away!  Yes I said 100 feet..we are moving down five apartments from where we are to a three bedroom.  We will also have a half bathroom downstairs.  Zachary will get his own room and the girls will continue to share.  It is a whole 100 sq. feet of extra space…at the cost of an extra $38 a month..which will again go up in October to an extra $65 a month.  PHHHHHHPPPPTTTTTTTTTTT!  I hate that they keep raising the rent and nothing happens because of it.  They say we have the lowest rent around but seriously there is so much that can be done to save money and make it an even better place to live.  Sorry..I needed to vent for a moment there.  I have SOOO MUCH TO DO!  Can someone make a space for me to put all these boxes in until we can move them?  We are going to be living in a home of boxes by the end of next week!!! 

So…wish us luck and if you happen to live in the area…do you happen to have any extra time to help us out?  Watch the kids?  Move a few boxes?  Put a few dishes on the shelves? 


One thought on “Moving

  1. Julie says:

    Wow! You’re going to be busy!! Best of luck to you! I’d offer to help, but we’d add to your chaos rather than fix it! I might have a few boxes, though, if you need them. Let me know!

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