I started making my own cards at home by myself and also at a friends house when she does some card “classes” for friends.  I love getting the chance to go out for a few hours once a month or so and enjoy the conversation with other women with the same interests.  I am finally able to post a bunch of them as they have been sitting on my computer just waiting to be shown.  🙂  I am still playing around with different techniques so please forgive me if any of them look weird.  If you are interested I am now also selling homemade/hand stamped cards to anyone who may need them.  Just let me know the type of card you need and I can either make it up ahead or even the day you need it if possible. 

I also have some news!!  I emailed a writer for the local paper to let him know more about my Scrapping for Soldiers event that is happening on June 14th and he called me today!  He is going to be doing a write up in the local paper!  I am really excited about this!  I am still looking for donations and for people to sign up to come and spend the day scrapping!  All money raised goes to a great charity.  For every $10 we raise it will go towards a pre-paid phone card for our soldiers!  I am hoping to raise $3,000 so I can get a phone card into the hands of 300 soldiers!  I personally support a soldier right now in Iraq and he has 300 men and women in his unit and I really am hoping to get a card into each of their hands.  If you happen to know anyone interested in making a donation to this worthy cause please send them to and they can contact me through there.  Remember, these men and women are risking their lives for OUR freedom!  “May No Soldier Go Unloved”


4 thoughts on “Cards

  1. Amy says:

    Those cards are lovely, Greta! And great news about your event. Good for you!

  2. maresi says:

    Beautiful! THat’s awesome about the newspaper. Henry LOVED the card from Melody.

  3. Julie says:

    You’re really creative!

    Congrats on the paper. That’s exciting!

  4. Heather says:

    these are GREAT!!!

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