Undies Da Da!

I come home tonight around 10pm from a Lia Sophia party at a friends and as I get out of my car I hear a child screaming…my child..my little Kylie.  So I come inside and check on her and as I walk into the room I hear her yelling,

“Da Da undies, undies, undies Da Da!”

So as I walk over to where she is I notice she is holding her diaper..and is standing there with a bare bottom.  How nice! 

So I get a new fresh clean diaper on Kylie’t bottom and go in and check on why Peter didn’t get up to check on her.  So I walk in and find Melody on my half of the bed and Peter passed out on his side.  The baby monitor is on but not on very high..so I can understand he didn’t really hear her but come on…I was at the car..which is a good 100 feet from my front door and I could hear her! 

Thank goodness it wasn’t a really messy diaper!

It is now 11pm and Kylie is up having fun playing with all of her toys.  Asking for “beans” which are Jelly Beans!  She turned 21 months old on the 14th..can you believe my baby is no longer a baby! 

I am off to get her tired enough to fall asleep.  Wish me luck!

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